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Job slaughter City Link boss backs Ukip to get more cuts

Issue No. 2435

City Link workers and supporters protesting in Coventry

City Link workers and supporters protesting in Coventry (Pic: Alan Kenny)

As many as 2,300 workers at delivery firm City Link lost their jobs over Christmas when the company declared its insolvency on Christmas Eve.

The workers were told they would be out of a job from 1 January. 

And at least 1,000 self-employed drivers subcontracted by the company have also been left hanging.

But Jon Moulton, owner of private investment firm Better Capital, which owns City Link, is doing quite well out of the collapse.

Better Capital bought City Link for just one pound in 2013. It is set to receive 

£20 million following the company’s collapse. Moulton used a secured loan as investment to ensure that Better Capital would get priority over sacked staff when seeking compensation from administrators if City Link went bust.

That means that City Link workers now have to rely on meagre statutory redundancy payments from the government. 

Moulton has donated at least £250,000 to the Conservatives. In 2011 he criticised Tory austerity plans, saying they “do not go far enough”.

But he defected to Ukip in 2013 as he supports their policy of a “simplified” flat-tax rate–which would conveniently allow him to pay less. Moulton is said to have a personal fortune of £170 million.

Many of his workers, meanwhile, were paid just £1.65 per delivery, and were forced to shell out for their own uniforms and delivery vans.

Miliband makes a stand for the bigots

Labour leader Ed Miliband used the festive season to highlight a hidden oppression.

He told Premier Christian Radio that he was “sorry” if some Christians felt marginalised after the introduction of same-sex marriage. 

He promised to stand by those poor marginalised bigots who refuse to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies. 

“It’s up to the Churches how they respond to equal marriage and that’s a very clear principle and a clear promise that we’ve made,” he explained.

Meanwhile South Yorkshire Police used a festive video message to celebrate cops’ work tackling child sexual exploitation.

A report published last August condemned cops for blaming victims.

The message was removed within hours.

And one Ukip Christmas message seemed to mark a big shift in politics.

The ad urged voters to “Say no to the UK!”. Apparently it was a “printer’s error”.

Bankers’ bonus bonanzas up 21%  

Bankers, traders and City bosses expect bonuses to grow by a fifth. A survey found the majority were expecting their bonuses to rise by 21 percent to an average of £124,680—up from £102,930 a year ago.

Confidence has happily increased, with 40 percent expecting a bigger bonus this year.

The rising optimism came with the introduction of a new European Union cap on 1 January, which restricts bonuses to 200 percent with shareholder approval. Bungling baron George Osborne wasted nearly £50,000 on legal fees trying to stop it.

Some 2,600 City bosses grabbed over £3.4 billion in 2013—nearly 50 times a worker’s average annual pay. US investment bank Goldman Sachs topped the poll for bonus payouts among banks operating in Britain in 2013. It threw an average of £2.57 million to its “risk-taking” employees.

The cover for the US DVD release of Pride has removed all mention of homosexuality.

The film about a group of gay and lesbian activists who rallied in support of striking miners in the 1980s was released last year.

The US DVD cover photo airbrushed out the Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners banner.

The things people will do to avoid work. One man had a cardiac arrest during a work capability assessment, forcing an end to the test. But don’t worry, he didn’t get away with it. Two weeks later Jobcentre Plus sent a letter saying he would lose his benefits because he had “withdrawn” from the assessment. Phew!

How much is lunch? That’s a secret

How much of our cash did David Cameron spend on wining and dining people at his country home last year? 

We'll never know— because the government has claimed it would be too expensive to provide the details.

Guests enjoying "hospitality" at Cameron's home—also funded by us—include the queen and supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

The government refused to respond to a Freedom of Information request asking for the costs.


Mike Waterton 

Boss and “motivational speaker”

  • His temping agency shut down days before Christmas and up to 150 workers were left unpaid.But Waterton had a plan to cheer them up—by posting photographs from a luxury holiday resort in Mexico.
  • Many of the workers are from Poland and had their Christmas plans ruined. One said, “I was meant to be going back to Poland for Christmas, but when Temp Network closed down I was owed nearly £800. I didn’t have enough money to get a taxi to the airport.”

The Scum hires scum

The Sun fell over itself apologising to Liverpool football fans in the wake of an independent report into the Hillsborough disaster in 2012.

The newspaper claimed some fans stole from the dead and urinated on cops during the 1989 disaster —claims that the report found were baseless.

Now the paper seems to have reverted to form.

It has re-hired Kelvin MacKenzie as a columnist.  MacKenzie was behind the notorious 1989 edition of the paper that slandered Liverpool fans under the headline “The Truth”.


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