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Antarsya candidate on where next after Greece's election

Issue No. 2438

Giorgos Pittas, a candidate for the anti?capitalist coalition Antarsya, spoke to Socialist Worker about the key priorities after Sunday’s election.

“We will campaign to cancel the debt, nationalise the banks under workers’ control and leave the euro.

We need to overthrow the Troika, not negotiate with it.

More than 1.2 million workers were thrown out of work during this crisis. They need their jobs back. 

Austerity governments have made racism a top priority. 

We need to make building an anti-racist movement one of ours. 

We should get rid of detention camps, bring back citizenship for migrants’ children and voting rights for migrants.

But Syriza’s new coalition partners say this is a “red line” that they can’t cross.

We also need to get on with the trial of the fascist Golden Dawn. The anti-racist demonstration on 21 March will be very important.

Finally we need to fight war and nationalism. 

Greece is in talks with the US over building yet more bases here for launching drone attacks on the Middle East. 

For us the alternative to the EU isn’t nationalism—it’s international solidarity.”

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