Socialist Worker

Things they say - Greece

Issue No. 2438

‘In normal times, and in a normal country, Syriza would be a joke party on the furthest fringes of the ultra-Left’

Tory MP Daniel Hannan writes in the Daily Mail

‘It is a coalition of Trotskyists, Maoists, eco-protesters and Occupy types’

Hannan continues his rant

‘Tie-less atheist’

A bizarre attack on Alexis Tsipras from the Times

‘Athens faces financial collapse’

Syriza’s victory rattles the Daily Telegraph

‘Syriza’s victory has boosted hopes of other anti-austerity groups across Europe’

The Daily Express worries

‘Inspired many Europeans while giving their governments the shivers’

The Economist on how ordinary people see Syriza compared to politicians

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