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Labours leaflet apes Ukips racism over immigration

Labour's leaflet apes Ukip's racism over immigration

Labour chases Ukip votes by aping its racist immigration rhetoric

Labour has come up with a great strategy for taking on Ukip in the general election—try and sound the same as the racist party.

Ukip is going into the election trying to scapegoat migrants for problems ordinary working class people face. 

Rather than challenge this, Labour is pandering to it.

One shocking leaflet was headlined, “Labour’s tough new response to immigration”. 

It pledged that a future Labour government would restrict migrants’ access to benefits, make sure public sector workers could “speak English” and recruit 1,000 extra border staff.

Teacher Stefan Simms was one of those unfortunate enough to receive the leaflet in Tottenham, north London. He told Socialist Worker, “It’s bad enough that Labour is austerity-lite and is refusing to stand up for the working class over cuts. 

“But to be Ukip-lite and racist as well is utterly appalling.”

Local Labour MP David Lammy has criticised the leaflet for pandering to Ukip. 

Stefan said, “Lammy originally thought it was a hoax. To his credit he stood against it once he realised it was a genuine Labour leaflet.

“The worrying thing about this is that this is a general Labour leaflet. That means it will be going out everywhere —including in areas where Ukip and racists such as the English Defence League are doing well.”

Labour thinks it has to be racist to “connect” with the working class—because of course it thinks working class people are racist. 

Unfortunately some on the left swallow this bile too.

The real problem with services isn’t that workers can’t speak English—it’s that the Tories are slashing them to the bone. 

No insulin insult for French eight year old

The day after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, a teacher at a primary school in Nice asked the class “Are you Charlie?” Eight-year-old Ahmed replied, “No, they caricatured the prophet. I’m with the terrorists”

He was sent to the headteacher’s class and made to repeat what he said three times in front of the whole class.

Ahmed, a diabetic, says the teachers also took away his insulin. And when he was playing in the sandpit the headteacher told him, “Stop digging, you’re not going to find any machine guns to kill us all with”.

Ahmed’s dad came with him to school to reassure him. So the headteacher called the police. 

Ahmed and his parents were taken to the police station for a grilling. 

Another child, aged nine, was dragged to the police station in Aisne, northern France. for allegedly shouting “Allahu akbar” during a minute’s silence for Charlie Hebdo. Even the public prosecutor says there’s no evidence of this.

Child labour at core of Tory campaign

Tories are paying for kids to deliver election leaflets in key election battlegrounds.

For instance in the marginal West Midlands seat of Halesowen and Rowley Regis—Tory membership 72—it has signed a deal with a distribution company to stuff Tory propaganda through letter boxes.

James Morris is set to lose his wafer-thin 2,023 majority to Labour.

Morris is reduced to relying on paperboys and girls paid around £3.79 an hour, the minimum wage rate for under-18s.

The leaflet claims, “Delivered by your local Conservative team”.

The MPs’ register reveals Morris’s local party banked £57,500 last year in donations.

On the attack

Tory Grant Shapps unveiled his party’s latest attack documents, last week. He said we had seen 30 days of Labour chaos, but could only list 23 of them. 

He declared there were “one hundred years to go” until polling day.

Mandelson moans about mansion tax

Lord Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool moaned last week, “I don’t happen to think the mansion tax is the right policy. I think it’s crude.”

No homes in either Foy or Hartlepool have ever sold for more than the proposed £2 million mansion tax threshold.

In whose interests could Mandelson—who lives in an £8 million Grade II listed Gothic home in London—possibly be acting?

Milburn knows a lot about health profits

Former Labour health secretary Alan Milburn said Labour should push through more health reforms or it would lose the elction.

What kind of reform could he mean? Milburn knows a lot about health. He is - 

  • Chair of the European Advisory Board for Bridgepoint Capital, owners of Care UK
  • Chair of PwC’s UK Health Industry Oversight Board
  • Adviser to Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd
  • Member of Strategic Advisory Board at WellDoc, Inc
  • Chairman of iWantGreatCare

The proceeds from these jobs go through AM Strategy Ltd. The last accounts show £1.76 million in cash as part of total assets of £2.42 million.

Helpful for business

Stefano Pessina, acting chief executive of Boots, said Labour was “not helpful for business, not helpful for the country and in the end, it probably won’t be helpful for them”.

Pessina moved the headquarters of Boots to Switzerland in 2007. 

It hasn’t paid any tax on its profits since.

The naughty bench

MPs plotted to knock over a BBC camera operator in the House of Commons—in the hope of stopping a new documentary on Westminster life, a film-maker says.

Michael Cockerell said they were “right wing Tories...what Downing Street know as the berserkers, the naughty bench”.

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Issue No. 2439
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