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Don't let West ramp up the 'war on terror'

Issue No. 2441

Politicians and the media want to use last week’s killings in Copenhagen to ramp up Islamophobia, extend repressive powers and justify imperialist war. We must not allow this.

More racism, more repression and more bombing raids will make matters worse. 

The crackdown on Muslims in Britain is also gathering pace. Police have already arrested 16 people who were allegedly returning from Syria last month.

Now there will be more rhetoric that we face a “global war on terror” or, as French prime minister Manuel Valls said, a war with “Islamofascism”.

Heavily armed police have paraded around the perimeter of Britain’s GCHQ spy centre. 

And the “snoopers’ charter”—that had previously been blocked—passed into law last week granting the state even more powers. 

Elsewhere the Egyptian state posed as a defender of democracy as it unleashed air raids in Libya. 

Libyan Islamist fighters loyal to Isis had released a video of them murdering 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians. Right wingers lauded the air strikes as part of a war pitting the West and its allies against Islamism.

But the Egyptian regime imprisons and murders all opposition. 

Since the July 2013 coup, at least 40,000 people have been jailed, over 3,000 have been killed and hundreds have “disappeared”. 


It is using sectarian politics in an attempt to divide Muslims and Copts and Sunni and Shia to bolster the counter revolution. 

The fact that Egyptian workers have been forced to find employment in Libya highlights the plight of the country’s poor.  

Libya has been in total chaos after the US and Britain bombed it in 2011 to try and assert their control during the Arab revolutions. 

This chaos has allowed the Libyan groups that support Isis to gain strength. 

Colonel Richard Kemp, who commanded the British occupation in Afghanistan, said, “The kind of attacks that we saw in Copenhagen and in Paris could easily happen here and probably will.” 

The MI5 security service said that it’s “only a matter of time” before a similar attack takes place in Britain.

It’s true that Britain’s wars have made us less safe and have deepened the bitterness among millions of people. 

The wars produce and strengthen new enemies who are then used as justification to launch fresh wars.

It was the West’s sectarian policies and the smashing of Iraqi society under the occupation that laid the ground for Isis. 

The greatest threat we face is our own rulers. More imperialist war and Islamophobia provide no solution—fighting our rulers does. 

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Tue 17 Feb 2015, 15:56 GMT
Issue No. 2441
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