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Ukip racists targeted in Bradford Upon Avon

Issue No. 2442

Anti-racists held a lively protest outside a Ukip public meeting in Bradford Upon Avon on Friday of last week.

Ukip’s leaflet billed this as a meeting for the countryside. It was pro-fracking, and anti-wind farms and renewable energy.

Our posters highlighted the fact that migrants are not responsible for the crisis or the austerity measures and we must not let the racism of Ukip divide us. 

The organisers of the meeting went to great lengths to try to persuade us that Ukip was not a racist party. 

We challenged this, citing examples of recent comments from their councillors or MEPs. 

Needless to say they were unable to cite anything from their policies or their activities that concretely demonstrated their anti-racism. 

We must continue to highlight Ukip’s racism and the scapegoating of migrants for the economic crisis. 

We must also spell out its other policies like privatisation of the NHS, opposition to equal rights for gay people and massive expansion in military spending. 

Celia Hollingworth

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