Socialist Worker

They've put up your taxes to hold Iraq down

Issue No. 1862

NEW FIGURES show there's a £10 billion hole in New Labour's spending plans. It's no secret where much of the money has gone. Around £3 billion has already been spent on the war against Iraq and the occupation. Every month at least another £150 million goes on the bill.

The total cost will be far in excess of what the government has budgeted. They will demand we pay more taxes for the brutal occupation. Blair and Brown will tell us there is 'not enough money' to pay for vital services. But at the same time there will be a bottomless pit for the killing machine.

There are simple measures the government could take to pay for the NHS and education. It could tax the rich and big business. It could stop throwing money at the privatisers who infect public services. But the quickest way to free up cash would be to end the brutal occupation of Iraq now.

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