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Fighting in unity makes our class stronger

Issue No. 2445

Ealing hospital in west London strike in March 2014

Ealing hospital in west London strike in March 2014 (Pic: Guy Smallman)

The head of the National Audit Office attacked the scale of the Tories’ cuts as Tory chancellor George Osborne prepared the government’s last budget.

Sir Amyas Morse is not a likely ally to millions of working class people who’ve been hit hard during last five years of Tory austerity. 

His condemnation is a sign of just how severe the situation is. 

In an interview about the cuts  in the Financial Times newspaper, he warned, “If you are going to do radical surgery it would be nice if you knew where the heart was. 

“You’re slightly more likely not to stick a knife in it by mistake.”

Osborne is likely to claim the Tories have successfully turned the economy around, so they can slightly water down cuts planned if they win the election. 

These were set to be even deeper than cuts made so far.  

Osborne and David Cameron aren’t concerned about the people hit by their cuts—they just want to make Britain profitable for the boss class. 

But when workers look to Labour to offer an alternative, many despair. Even long time supporters wonder if they can vote for a party that’s committed to Tory austerity and has helped feed a backlash against migrants. 


That’s why the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is standing parliamentary and council candidates as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. 

It’s a modest start, but there is a glaring need for a left alternative to Labour and we need to fight to build one.   

Whatever the result of May’s general election, battles over welfare cuts, attacks on pay and pensions and jobs will go on.

The racist Ukip party has gained support after mainstream parties made it more respectable to attack migrants. If Ukip wins more seats in parliament then it will help drag politics even further to the right. 

But we can build resistance.

The SWP believes that what every activist does in their workplace, college or local area can make a difference. That’s why we want to organise everyone who wants to fight racist scapegoating.

The rich use racism to discourage workers from blaming those really responsible for austerity.

Every week politicians and the media scapegoat migrants or demonise Muslims. 

We say, don’t let the ruling class divide us.  Working class people have a common interest—whatever their skin colour, wherever they were born and whatever their religion or none. 

We need union leaders to mobilise a fightback and challenge the government’s attacks. 

We know that in every struggle our class is stronger when we unite and fight. 

If you agree, join the SWP today.


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