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Election spin misses all of the real issues

Issue No. 2448

David Cameron looking smug

David Cameron and the Tories are the ones who are responsible for snatching pension rights from millions (Pic: Creative Commons)

Politicians push a different issue everyday in the election campaign. Yet they rarely reflect the real lives and concerns of millions of working class people battered by years of Tory austerity. 

The Tories made much of their move to allow pensioners to open their “pension pots” on Monday of this week. 

The media was full of stories of pensioners choosing to buy sports cars or go on luxury cruises with the money the Tories had allowed them to access.

How do the Tories have the gall to boast about allowing pensioners to make choices about their pensions? 

They are the ones who are responsible for snatching pension rights from millions of public sector workers. 

These workers will have no fat pension pot to dip into when they reach old age, thanks to the Tories. 

When it comes to the housing crisis we hear lots of politicians promising to build thousands of new homes if they win in May. 

It sounds good, but no one explains how young people on low wages, perhaps zero hour contracts, will ever be able to afford them. 

The Tories have set the agenda, racist Ukip is dragging it further to the right, and Labour is not standing up to them. No wonder so many people are cynical about official politics. 

As if that wasn’t enough then Tony Blair reappears. The intervention of this multimillionaire warmonger and on-call advisor to dictatorial regimes only confirms Labour’s distance from the concerns of working class people. 

Blair cannot help get out the anti-Tory vote. This is a man who led Britain into an illegal imperialist invasion of Iraq, a war whose effects are still being felt by the people there today. 

Even some of his own party’s parliamentary candidates in marginal seats refused a £1,000 donation from him as he was seen as too toxic.

Socialists are standing in seats across Britain to offer an alternative for all those sickened by warmongers and millionaires imposing austerity on the poor. 

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates are working class campaigners and activists.  They know most pensioners are more concerned with how to pay their bills than what Lamborghini they might buy. 

They argue for a fight to stop the cuts—not how to administer them. 

The general election campaign exposes the basic consensus that there is among all the mainstream politicians. 

 They all argue austerity is inevitable, and they all use racist scapegoating of migrants to deflect blame for what the cuts have done to working class living standards.

The need for the left to organise and build a united alternative is greater than ever. 

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