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Feral pigs

Feral pigs (Pic: Nasa)

Top cop predicts yet more violence as pigs kill a cow

Spare a thought for the police who will be forced to adopt a “paramilitary” style of enforcement if the government inflicts big budget cuts on them.

Steve White, chair of the Police Federation, said his 123,000 members fear a move towards a more violent style of policing. Bless.

“You get a style of policing where the first options are teargas, rubber bullets and water cannon,” he explained.

“The officers have been cut, you will lose the consent which means the face and style of policing changes.”

That style of policing was on display in Newcastle last Sunday. Armed police shot a cow dead after three escaped.

But the cops should have the ability to put a positive spin any such robust policing.

The Metropolitan Police splashed out the most on its PR team last year, at £5.9 million.

Outside the capital the biggest spenders were West Midlands (£1.28 million), Greater Manchester (£1.18 million), Devon and Cornwall (£1.03 million), Thames Valley (£1.06 million) and Surrey (£1 million).

And there are many reasons why having fewer bobbies on the beat is a blessing.

Five Metropolitan police officers in Camden have been fired for posting photos on the internet that they had secretly taken of members of the public.

The five male officers had covertly photographed members of the public while on duty before exchanging them on social media with “disrespectful and in one case predatory” comments.

Cop on trial for vanishing drug cash

Crime doesn’t pay. That’s what the cops like to claim anyway. But do all of them believe it?

Detective Constable Paul Greaves was in court last week accused of stealing more than £100,000 in cash from his force’s headquarters.

Greaves had persuaded Warwickshire Police to put money seized in a drugs raid in a box that he had the key to. 

Police didn’t notice cash was missing until he had retired.

Greaves denies theft and the trial continues.

Law changed to enable the spooks to keep on hacking

The government has snuck through legislation that exempts the police and security services from prosecution for hacking people’s computers. 

The legislation was passed into law as an amendment to the Computer Misuse Act, bypassing parliamentary debate. 

Coincidentally, the new legislation was revealed just hours before a hearing into a claim lodged by Privacy International 

that GCHQ’s hacking activities were unlawful under the Computer Misuse Act.

Lib Dem logo

Lib Dem bird goes extinct

The Lib Dems have hit on the perfect way to turn their party around following dire results in the general election—change their logo.

The yellow bird logo was introduced in 1989.

But now it could change colour or even be scrapped altogether as the party looks at how to “rebrand”.

That’ll win the voters back.

As if the Tories haven’t done enough, they found a nasty way of irritating people in Scotland last week. They promoted Andrew Dunlop to junior minister for Scotland. They chucked him a peerage too. 

Dunlop was a key adviser to Margaret Thatcher when she set up the hated poll tax in Scotland.

Ukip leaders fall out as their spy is outed

UKIP leader Nigel Farage spent much of his election campaign whining about anti-racists who opposed his party.

Farage complained of his treatment at the hands of Stand Up to Ukip activists.

Yet now Ukip has admitted that it sent an informant into the anti-racist group who apparently encouraged activists to abuse Farage.

Internet searches for the mobile number used by “Edward Johnson” revealed that it was linked to John Hutchins, a man employed by Secura Associates who are tasked with Mr Farage’s security.

Ukip claimed it sent in the spy to get “inside information”.

But activists say the spy tipped them off about Farage’s movements and encouraged them to abuse him. 

“He actually urged some of our members to commit criminal damage,” said one anti-racist.

One text message read: “Alright mate I done a bit of defacing last night at the billboards only a bit as there was quite a lot of people about.”

Tobacco is good for the health of MPs

The British Medical Journal shows that since 2010 38 MPs—29 Tory, eight Labour, and one independent—have accepted over £60,000 worth of tobacco industry hospitality. 

Junkets include tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show, high profile sporting events and rock concerts.

More than half of these MPs are from constituencies where the number of smoking related deaths exceeds the national average. When plain packaging was put to a vote in the Commons in March, 20 of the 38 voted against the measure.

Troublemaker regular Grant Shapps has been sacked as Tory chairman. His new boss at the Department for International Development is Justine Greening. So what? Well Justine Greening has a Wikipedia page and Shapps added criticism to it.

All rise: evictions


household evictions of people renting homes in England and Wales in the first quarter of the year. That’s an 8 percent rise on last year.

It’s the highest number for a single quarter since records began in 2000.

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Tue 19 May 2015, 16:20 BST
Issue No. 2454
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