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European institutions' 'project fear' over Greece

by Dave Sewell
Issue No. 2460

Jean-Clause Juncker

Jean-Claude Juncker

Right wing and liberal parties were set to protest the day after Monday’s protests against the deal. Their main demand is for the referendum to be cancelled. 

The institutions are so outraged they’ve said their “offer” no longer stands. But if the referendum goes ahead they want a yes vote.

Panos Garganas, editor of Socialist Worker’s sister paper Workers’ Solidarity, said, “It’s pure blackmail. 

“The institutions are collaborating with the Greek Tories to scare people into voting yes. 

“They are telling people voting no will mean a Greek exit from the eurozone and chaos. If they succeed, they will try to get rid of the government.”

Greece is a small part of the European Union economy. But if Syriza blocks austerity, it would set a precedent for workers across Europe. That’s why the institutions want to crush the Syriza government, not compromise. 

Panos said, “Syriza’s support for a no vote has been lukewarm, but the protest could change that. 

“They were preparing for a compromise, and only called a referendum at the last minute.

“That’s partly because of the institution’s intransigence, but also because of rising workers’ resistance.”

Referendum angers Eruope's rulers

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker slammed the referendum in a hectoring speech this week. 

Junker called the decision to hold a vote a “heavy blow” to the “European conscience”. He suggested that a no vote would mean leaving the euro, and advised Greeks “not to commit suicide for fear of death”. 

German chancellor Angela Merkel also played the martyr. She said, “There is again and again the question whether, for once, principles can be put aside. But we have to say we can’t do this.”

That would be the principle of squeezing ordinary workers to pay back the bankers.

Meanwhile David Cameron said a yes vote would be in “Britain’s best interests”—which he surely knows best.

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