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Issue No. 2463

Vote no in EU referendum to hit Cameron and the bosses 

We are being far too apologetic about calling for a no vote over the European Union (EU). 

The mood is shifting. It is obvious that any organisation that can do what it is doing to the Greek working class can never be supported by socialists.

Would we vote for a party with the policies that the EU has for austerity and against refugees?

Does it have any organic links to trade unions? Does it represent any interests but the rich? Is it corrupt and undemocratic? 

The answers are easy.

We don’t know what the circumstances will be when the vote takes place. But there is a real chance for the left to do what it did in Scotland, open up the debate and drag it to the left.

We could deal a crippling blow to Cameron and our bosses. 

The potential is huge and we need to grasp it. Let’s be No and proud!

John CresswellEast London

Journalist Owen Jones has joined George Monbiot in calling on the left to vote to leave the EU.

Greece is the lightning rod.

Jones made the point that Ukip could replace Labour electorally if working people vote to leave in substantial numbers without any united socialist alternative.

We need to lead the debate for a no to the EU. Fighting racism and fascism has to be the heart and soul of our campaign.

Rupert MallinNorwich

The disgraceful treatment of the Greek people has exposed two truths.

The idea of a “social Europe” is a delusion. And Syriza’s “radical” reformism is no more effective than the old Labour-type party Pasok’s was. 

The EU has nothing but contempt for parliamentary democracy. It is down to the working class in Greece to resist.

Sasha SimicNorth London

Don’t be crude, attack the bank bosses

We write to raise issue with your headline “Up Yours Bankers” (11 July) and we caution against crude “banker bashing”. 

Unite organises many thousands of bank workers who need solidarity not scapegoating. 

The finance industry is one of the most polarised in Britain. 

Power and pay is concentrated for the 1 percent as frontline staff and young workers in call centres are barely paid a liveable wage. 

Since 2008 bank workers have had to endure endless assaults on their pay and conditions, and a savage programme of job cuts. 

All top down attempts to make the boardrooms pay for the financial crisis they caused have been handed straight down to the workforce. 

On top of this our members receive endless abuse from those angry at what their bosses have done.

 The only way to make bank bosses pay is by rallying the industrial strength of the workers. 

We call for solidarity with these trade unionists.

 So next time let’s clarify it is the “Bank’s bosses” in our line of fire.

 Finance & Legal SectorUnite union

Lambeth council's demolition plan is shameful

Over 150 people lobbied a Lambeth Council meeting in south London last week.

The council was making a final decision about the demolition of the Cressingham Gardens housing estate.

Residents have put forward plans to refurbish and renovate the estate. 

They have costed this and applied for funds, which will make it an affordable option. 

Instead the council backed an option that will see the destruction of this supportive and tight-knit community.

It is seen as part of the gentrification of the borough, pricing out workers and families.

Sara TomlinsonSouth London

Do more for foxes, SNP

The Scottish National Party (SNP) received a lot of coverage for their stance against fox hunting in England and Wales. 

But it can clearly do a lot more on the issue and push the Scottish government to ban it.

In Scotland an unlimited number of dogs can be used to flush out a fox, compared with just two in England and Wales.

Fox hunting is barbaric. Banning it would be a blow to the landed gentry and big landowners in Scotland.

Ayesha SaleemEdinburgh

6/9 for Palestine - join the protest in Cardiff 

On 6 September the Israeli football team will play Wales in the Uefa Championship at the Cardiff City ground.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has called a national demonstration.

Opposition to Israel is close to what has been called the “South Africa moment”—where a country is recognised worldwide as a pariah state. 

The widespread opposition to last year’s invasion of Gaza can be seen as a tipping point.

On 6 September we will march to a rally outside the Cardiff City stadium where 33,000 fans will see and hear us. 

We need to make that march as impressive as possible to show the scale of opposition to Israeli apartheid. 

We urge all Socialist Worker readers to team up with their local PSC branch to get transport booked and filled. Remember, “6/9 for Palestine”. 

Jeff HurfordCardiff

Scottish cops need inquiry

Two people died recently after a car accident near Stirling.

Police were called to the accident on 4 July but failed to attend for three days—leaving Lamara Bell lying critically injured.

She was found next to her dead partner.

We need to call on the Scottish government to sack chief constable Stephen House and launch a public inquiry.

Carlo MorelliDundee

MPs’ pay rise takes the piss

MPs are taking the piss.They give public sector workers a 1 percent pay deal for four years.

Then they get 10 percent for themselves—backdated!

Paula TaylorSheffield

Has Tsipras sold out?

I can’t believe that Syriza would renege on the mandate they were elected on.

Is Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras a hypocrite? 

Andy Duncanon Facebook

Fight together inside EU

There is more chance of socialist policies being filtered through Europe than from Westminster or even Holyrood. 

Socialists are the second largest political group in the European Parliament.

The common person is better together fighting this ridiculous plutocracy than we are leaving each to our own.

Matt Watsonon Facebook

We can fight better outside

How can any genuine socialist support the remaining in the EU after Greece?

We have to be internationalists and stand with Greek workers.

If Britain left, it would deal a blow to the Troika, the Tories and austerity everywhere.

Nick JamesEast London

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Tue 21 Jul 2015, 17:53 BST
Issue No. 2463
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