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Glasgow striker—‘Solidarity helped us beat the council’

A great result occurred when the Glasgow homelessness caseworkers won our fight with Glasgow City Council. 

The 17-week strike has had its moments and frustrations. But these have been made easier with the tremendous support we have received from our colleagues in the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). 

From the very outset SWP members in Glasgow stood shoulder to shoulder with the strikers, encouraging us as we fought against the contempt of the council.

They sought out opportunities for us to speak and spread the word of our struggle. And they looked for opportunities to help us raise money for our fighting fund.

Most important to the strikers has been the friendships which have been made, the information shared and the enthusiasm in which they joined us at our demonstrations.  

They have shown us by action that working together means much can be achieved! Their solidarity has been second to none and will be an important memory of our struggle.

The strike, although lengthy, had the result we all wanted. 

WE WON, WE WON, WE WON!  This is a great message to share to all those who are thinking of taking their own industrial action.  

If we all stick together and fight a hard fight, we can defeat the management! This message is especially true in these times when the austerity cuts are biting hard into the most vulnerable of our society. 

It’s at these times when the coming together of like-minded people can have most effect on our governing bodies, who have no real clue as to the impact of their actions are having on our communities.

So thanks again to all the members of the SWP for their encouragement, their presence and for their sharing of knowledge. It’s really much appreciated by each and every one of the strikers. 

In solidarity, 

Mary DochertyGlasgow

Collecting for Greeks

Members of York People’s Assembly and others raised £69.56 in solidarity with Greek workers in York town centre last Saturday.

Several Greek families signed the petition.

A woman married to a Greek man told us, “People in Greece see what you are doing here. 

“It gives them hope that they are not alone.”

Kim HunterYork

We can still beat Tories

I think we should find the latest Tory legislation attacking trade union rights inspiring.

It is 36 years since Margaret Thatcher first launched these attacks, but the ruling class is still terrified of the power of the organised working class.

Under new legislation the Tories are pushing through we may have to work harder for a higher turnout to pass a threshold.

But think how solid those strikes will be. 

They will be legitimate even on the Tories’ own terms.

I have played a wide variety of sports over the years. Some clubs will “fix” a pitch to favour the home side.

We’re faced with a Tory government dominated by old Etonians. 

It will be nice to see them get a damned good thrashing on this particular “playing field” they have tried to fix.

Hugh ParsonsSwansea

Blame the West for Isis and ‘radicalisation’

David Cameron’s attack on people who blame the rise of Isis on the actions of the West can be likened to the fox accusing the chicken of discrimination for the annihilation in the chicken run.  

Time will never change the fact that the illegal invasion of Iraq, and attacks on Afghanistan and Libya were indefensible. 

The emergence of Isis is a direct result of the West’s interference in these countries.

Our rulers’ latest tactic is to claim that the youth who join the likes of Isis are being radicalised. 

Some might substitute radicalisation with education.

If David Cameron must attack anyone, he should attack the West’s political leaders—whether or not they were simply lackeys of faceless tycoons.

William BurnsEdinburgh

Don’t comply with funding attacks

The Tories’ spiteful class attack on the political levy is a democratic and constitutional outrage. 

It is a blatant attempt to destroy the Labour Party. 

Further, what gives the state the right to intrude into the affairs of non-governmental organisations? If a Judicial Review challenging the illegitimate state intrusion into the private affairs of trades unions doesn’t do the trick, then the unions should simply refuse to comply with this class attack on its internal affairs. The time for pursuing “principled non-compliance” in relation to illegitimate, anti-democratic policy-making is surely fast approaching.

Dr Richard HouseStroud

Well done to caseworkers

Wonderful news about the Glasgow homelessness caseworkers’ victory (Socialist Worker, 25 July).

And it was great to hear them speak at Marxism 2015!

Adam HarmsworthCoventry

Caseworkers an inspiration

The caseworkers’ victory is brilliant.

The strikers should be an inspiration to us all.

Mal Jones on Twitter

It’s right to bash bankers

In response to Unite Finance & Legal Sector (Letters, 25 July), Socialist Worker is right to bash the bankers.

We need to point to where the crisis originates. But we’re clear that working class people working in banks are equally exploited by the corrupt capitalist system that banks and big business creates.

Gabby ThorpeWest London

Royals are extremists

With Muslim children being monitored for showing signs of being influenced by “extremist” ideology, isn’t it time that the House of Windsor was paid a visit? 

A member of each generation either wants to do a Nazi salute or dress up as one.

John CurtisIpswich

Nina Simone is not jazz

Nina Simone would not have appreciated being described as a “great jazz performer” (Socialist Worker, 25 July). 

In a 1997 interview she said, “To most white people, jazz means black and jazz means dirt and that’s not what I play. I play black classical music. 

“That’s why I don’t like the term ‘jazz’, and Duke Ellington didn’t either—it’s a term that’s simply used to identify black people.”

Tony PhillipsEast London


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Issue No. 2464
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