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As Labour right attack Corbyn—it’s right to resist austerity

Issue No. 2467

Right wing attacks on Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn and his policies haven’t stopped his support growing. 

People join his campaign because they want to see a challenge to the Tories. 

Tarik helped steward an 800-strong Corbyn rally on Monday night in Ealing, west London. 

He told Socialist Worker, “I’ve been on the left all my life, but never felt represented. Having someone like Corbyn who seems to have the solutions we need is refreshing.” Natalie Meddings, a pregnancy adviser, was also at the rally. She thinks Corbyn’s supporters are frequently dismissed as “young naive people”. 

She said, “But the campaign has made someone like me want to come and see a politician speak—someone who’s given up on politics, has a job and three kids, and has too much to do. So there must be something.”

Such support shows the potential for mobilising resistance to the Tories that goes beyond the Labour leadership battle. 


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