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David Cameron loves all the animals except for the foxes

Issue No. 2473

David Camerons pig conference speech

David Cameron's pig conference speech (Pic: Tim Sanders )

David Cameron has yet to explain why he wrote to the government’s top lawyer after a friend at Heythrop Hunt was charged with fox hunting in 2008. 

A picture has emerged of Cameron riding out with the meet from Chipping Snorton.

It was taken at the final gathering of the Heythrop Hunt before the ban came into effect, a few days after Christmas 2004. 

Every year, in the lull between Christmas and New Year, the Heythrop Hunt meets a few miles from Cameron’s constituency home. 

Apparently Cameron loves the country life.

According to one journalist quoted in Lord Ashcroft new biography, “He can scratch a pig’s back so effectively that the creature sighs.” 

Cameron told the same journalist that he could “castrate a ram with a pair of pliers”.

While Cameron was leader of the opposition his friend Julian Barnfield, a professional huntsman with the Heythrop, was charged with various offences of hunting a fox. 

The case was later dropped on a technicality.

Later, Chris Edgell, a former detective constable involved in the case, tried to obtain a copy of Cameron’s letter using the Freedom of Information Act, but his application was rejected.

Coincidently Heythrop Hunt was convicted three years ago of deliberately hunting a fox with dogs.

Many people face difficult decisions as they get older—how to afford housing or social care services on a meagre pension, for example. But spare a thought for the queen.

She is apparently thinking of leaving Buckingham palace if prince Philip dies before her. It seems she prefers her Balmoral residence in Scotland, where she is “happiest and most relaxed”.

Some of the richest banks in the world have begged a council for tax breaks to make up for paying workers the Living Wage.

Tonbridge and Malling council in Kent rejected Barclays and HSBC’s requests for business rate relief.

The banks later claimed there had been a misunderstanding.

Sun’s Lord sting is nothing to snort at

The Metropolitan Police dropped their investigation into a peer apparently filmed snorting cocaine without bothering to interview him under caution.

Whether they would be so nice to an ordinary member of the public who had been filmed snorting white powder through a rolled up banknote is debatable.

The police waited 36 hours to search the London flat where he didn’t take the drug.

The Sun on Sunday, whose scoop caught  Sewel, told the Met it wouldn’t release evidence for use in a prosecution. 

It says this is on the grounds of protecting the anonymity of sources.

In unrelated news Mazher Mahmood is currently suspended  from work. 

Mahmood has been charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Alan Smith, a witness in the collapsed trial of the singer Tulisa Contostavlos has also been charged. They appear in court on 30 October.

Key to Progress is to look back to 1980s

Labour right wing thinkers Progress are worried. Their concern is that their entirely principled supporters won’t know how to deal with the Left.

So they produced a reading list including Michael Crick’s tedious hatchet job on the Militant.

The main effect has been to push prices of old copies over £200.

Troublemaker has quite a few Labour tracts lying around. All serious offers considered.

One hundred and fifteen stressed-out MPs have taken up the offer of free “mindfulness courses” in parliament.

The eight 75-minute sessions—which take place in the middle of the working day–“have provided an oasis of calm and sowed precious seeds”, according to one relaxed MP.

Another added, “I was in a space where there were no demands on me and I didn’t have to make a decision or give an opinion.”

MacKenzie no mates mad at Muslims

Sun columnist and serial Hillsborough liar Kelvin MacKenzie targeted his whiny column at Muslims in the Sun newspaper this week.

MacKenzie told a tale of “political correctness gone mad”. It involved him having to move in a hospital because Muslim women nearby were uncomfortable with his presence.

The story included the glorious headline, “Woman in burkha didn’t want me near her…even behind a door”. Troublemaker knows how she feels.

Not getting in unless you attack Labour

New old New Labour methods are back.

The Labour Party blocked Socialist Worker from reporting at the leadership election conference. Then after we complained they banned us from the full Labour Party conference in Brighton.

Under Tony Blair Socialist Worker was barred from entering Labour conferences. A thaw in more recent years saw us let in.

The news outlets that are attacking Corbyn at every opportunity are welcome—along with the corporate sponsors. 

It appears Socialist Worker is not. Our report from the conference is on pages 4&5.

‘An impossible place to tame’

Racist Daily Mail headline on pesky Somalia as British troops were sent in

‘Loathsome and contemptible’

Tory Lord Norman Tebbit on Jeremy Corbyn

‘He is a dangerous man’

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen on Corbyn

‘Jeremy Corbyn is leading Britain’s left into a political timewarp’

The Economist

‘Communists, Trotskyites and members of the Militant Tendency’

The Mail whines about some of those it says are now “welcome” in Labour

‘Clapped out, failed socialist agenda’

The Mail continues

‘Already the least popular leader the party has had’

The Times joins in

‘I’ve had an interesting week’

David Cameron following piggate

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