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Obscene system lies behind war and refugee crisis

Issue No. 2484

Some 24 refugees have died at Britains border in 2015

Some 24 refugees have died at Britain's border in 2015

The plight of refugees exposes all that is rotten about capitalism.Many are fleeing violent conflict fuelled by imperialist wars the West has waged.

Others are escaping poverty and oppression.

All are willing to risk their lives to find a better life because life is not worth living in the places they leave.

But they are treated as criminals by the West. They are fenced in, put in insanitary camps and portrayed as dangerous scroungers.

Yet they are the most vulnerable victims of the chaos that is a system based on profit and competition.

Under capitalism you only have access to a home, to clean water, to food and health care if you have the money to pay for it.

This is a system that lets whole families drown when their overcrowded boats sink, while passenger ferries safely sail the same route every day.

There has been a huge movement of people across seas and the continent of Europe.

The Tories’ response has been to shut the door.

They have only let in a handful of handpicked Syrian families vetted by officials in refugee camps in the region.

They turn their back on hundreds of thousands of others desperate to find a place of safety and the chance to build a life.


They refuse to take in any of those trapped in the mud in the Calais refugee camp who are trying to find refuge in Britain.

The Tories howl that we don’t have enough space, that there aren’t enough homes, school places or NHS beds.

They use the poison of racist propaganda to scapegoat refugees and migrants. They want us to fear “outsiders” and treat them with suspicion.

They want to deflect the blame for cuts and crisis onto the victims of the system instead of those in charge.

But Britain is a rich country. The problem is that wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few people at the top of society.

They defend their right to hold onto that wealth by pretending they are defending us.

Socialist Worker says all refugees and migrants are welcome here, whether escaping war or poverty.

It doesn’t matter if you were born in Britain or anywhere else in the world, we have enough resources to make sure that no one ever goes without.

There are a few things we could do immediately.

We could dump Trident nuclear missiles, stop all spending on arms and wars, and tax the rich.

But we need to do more.

We need to end the obscenity of a system that punishes people for being poor, or being caught up in wars they can’t control.

That means fighting for a socialist society without war, oppression and exploitation.

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