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Israeli 'Hate Wedding' is a product of its racist society

The racism at the heart of Israeli society was exposed last month when a video from a wedding of two settlers was released.

Settlers were shown celebrating the death of 18 month old Ali Dawabshe and his parents.

The Palestinian family were killed in an arson attack on their home last summer.

Israeli settlers had entered their village in the middle of the night and attacked their home with a Molotov cocktail.

Most people would be outraged at the brutal murders. But those at the wedding danced with rifles and Molotov cocktails while singing about killing Palestinians.

One of them can be seen holding a picture of the Dawabshe family in the air, stabbing it repeatedly with a knife.

The couple who were getting married are said to have been friends of settlers who had been arrested over the murder.

Last week one of them, Amiram Ben-Uliel, was charged with murder over the attacks. Another unnamed suspect has been charged as his accomplice.

Both the suspected attackers and the wedding-goers are members of the “Hilltop Youth” settler movement.

It aims to steal Palestinian land by establishing settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank and then attacking the Palestinians who live there.

Israeli politicians rushed to condemn the revellers. They say the Hilltop Youth are extremists who don’t represent Israel. In fact they are the product of a deeply racist society.

Israel was founded on the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. This continues today.

The Israeli housing ministry is currently working on plans to build more than 50,000 settlement homes in the West Bank.

And Palestinians in Israel face systematic oppression and abuse.

Vile murders like the killing of the Dawabshe family are part and parcel of a society that is racist to its core.

Simon Hall, North Tyneside

Dredging up past mistakes

Before water was privatised, water boards were composed of elected local councillors and MPs who were responsible for seeing that rivers were dredged.

But when water was privatised, these elected officials were replaced with a lot of venture capitalists. They found that you can’t actually run a public utility at a profit unless you dump some vital, but expensive, functions. Like regularly dredging rivers.

And now we see the inevitable result. The rivers are full of mud, silt and assorted rubbish, and they overflow.

The solution is staring us in the face. Water must be renationalised immediately

Keith Ackerman, Essex

Refugees from Syrian city say no to bombing

I also met some Syrian refugees while out campaigning with Socialist Worker (Letters, 19 December).

Three women from the Syrian city of Homs described the utter devastation of that city.

For them there is no distinction between good and bad bombs.

They know that Isis, Assad, and the imperialist powers—Russia and the West— care nothing for their suffering.

They were encouraged to know that people in the West are actively supporting the Syrian population.

They left us with one very chilling comment that should fortify us in our campaigning.

When they call home the first question they ask their families is, “Are you still alive?”

Graham Richards, Manchester

Climate jobs now

There is no contradiction between stopping climate change and full employment.

Production can be turned to produce the things we so badly need to stop catastrophic climate change.

I think many in the environmental movement have seen the workers in the polluting industries as part of the problem.

But they can be the most powerful force in the fight for a better world.

Julia Robertson, Swansea

The debate in Labour

Last month I attended an impressive 80-strong Momentum meeting.

An argument developed between some newer members who wanted to start actively campaigning and more established Labour leftwingers.

They argued that Momentum locally could not make decisions until the “directors” nationally decided on the next moves.

Others wanted to discuss deselecting MPs and opposing expulsions of socialists.

This is a genuine problem for Momentum. Is it an internal Labour Party organisation? Or should it build on its success by mobilising for the

anti-austerity, anti-racist and anti-war movements?

Socialists outside Labour should fight for broadening and strengthening those movements while working with comrades in Labour.

Simon Hester, North London

Letter from a Red Reverend

I too am both a Christian and a socialist (Letters, 19 December).Indeed, I am an Anglican vicar.

I was also recently expelled from the Labour Party. But Jeremy Corbyn gives hope that Labour may once again be socialist.

Meanwhile reading Socialist Worker keeps me very well informed.

Reverend Graham Sawyer, Burnley

Tories didn’t cause war

Why does Socialist Worker call bombing Syria a Tory war (Socialist Worker online, 12 December)?

It’s not a problem of parties, but parliament and much more.

Connor Upcott, on Twitter

Use recycled paper, please

A shame to see Socialist Worker doesn’t print on recycled paper.

Harming indigenous forest people to print. Boo!

Simon Nash, on Twitter

No excuse for Calais shame

The Tories should be ashamed about the migrant deaths in Calais last year (Socialist Worker, 19 December).

Just three ferries would transport them all to safety.

Sarah Wilkinson, Shropshire

The legacy of imperialism

Media commentators see advantage for Isis ignoring national borders whereas Western military cannot.

Yet the West created many of the borders arbitrarily. It’s imperialist hypocrisy that knows no borders.

Dermot Smyth, Chesterfield

Thanks for coverage, SW

Thanks for the great coverage of the struggle in 2015.

Looking forward to the class struggle in 2016.

Sasha Simic, East London

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Tue 5 Jan 2016, 16:54 GMT
Issue No. 2485
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