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Topple the system to disarm Trident warheads

Issue No. 2492

Protest against Trident

Protest against Trident (Pic: Guy Smallman)

The war on Syria is just one of the 42 conflicts raging across the globe. Amid the quagmire of the US and Russia’s shifting imperialist alliances, the conflict could rapidly escalate.

Four of the imperialist powers intervening in Syria have nuclear weapons—and the nuclear-armed Israeli terror state is next door.

The logic of imperialist rivalry drives the world to war, whether or not it threatens humanity and the planet.

That’s why we stand against renewing Trident—and argue that Britain should immediately scrap all nuclear weaponry.

But Socialist Worker is against simply spending that money on conventional weapons.

We have a different vision for a socialist society—one without weapons of mass destruction and wars altogether. That means taking on the system that breeds war.

Imperialism is a global system of competing powers. As capitalism developed, economic competition between rival firms grew into competition between rival capitalist states.

This economic competition can spill over into military competition as states fight to divide the world among themselves for geopolitical and economic advantage.

To live in a world without war we have to bring down that system. That means building a mass movement against imperialism and war in Britain which can bring down our warmongering rulers.

Join us in that fight.


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