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Who needs the EU? They do

Issue No. 2496

The EU has always been an integral part of US imperialisms project

The EU has always been an integral part of US imperialism's project (Pic: Flickr/European Parliamen)

The US president Barack Obama is coming to Britain next month to urge people to vote to remain in the European Union (EU).

The EU is a key part of the US imperialist project. Its rulers are desperate for Britain to remain in the EU rather than weaken it.

After the Second World War, the US pushed for Western Europe’s states to cooperate and compete against its rival Russia.

Nato was the military arm, the EU the economic arm. The world has dramatically changed since then. But US imperialism’s overall aims remain the same and the EU is becoming an imperialist player in its own right.

A key part of that strategy today is the proposed TTIP trade deal being negotiated between the US and EU.

Public services—including the NHS—would be open to full privatisation.

The deal would sweep away more barriers to multinational corporations maximising profits at workers and the planet’s expense.

The US urged last week for negotiations to be speeded up ahead of a possible “Brexit” in June.

This US intervention shows that the EU is fundamentally a bosses’ club. That’s why the bulk of British capitalists support EU membership—and why US imperialism is backing them up.

It’s another reason for socialists to argue for a left break—to stop TTIP and to weaken the US, Britain and the EU’s rulers.

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