Socialist Worker

Workers must reject our rulers' racism

Issue No. 2509

Ukip leader Nigel Farage

Ukip leader Nigel Farage (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Both the official Remain and Leave have shown utter contempt for working class people.

The main Leave campaign has focused almost exclusively on demonising migrants. In response the main Remain figures have slowly edged to saying migrants are indeed a problem—but the EU is the way to deal with the threat.

Both sides think this is the way to win over working class people—pandering to their supposed hatred of migrants. Our rulers depict the working class as male, old, white, stuck in the past, and nationalist.

It’s a modern version of the “cloth cap and whippet” stereotype.

Racism is a problem, and needs to be consistently fought. But most workers are hostile to racism.

Racism comes from the top—a day doesn’t go by without a nasty political speech or negative news story about immigration.

The working class is constantly shifting and changing. Workers are women and men, black, Asian and white, migrants and people born here, young and old.

Some are socialists, others swallow the bosses’ lies.

There is always a political fight and a need to organise inside the working class. We need organisation now more than ever to confront the Tories and racism.

We need to reject the idea that workers are inevitably right wing. We need to point the finger at the people at the top who drive racism.

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