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Issue No. 2512

The EU referendum vote was a rejection of the rich - and forced Cameron out

The EU referendum vote was a rejection of the rich - and forced Cameron out (Pic: No 10/flickr)

The Leave vote shows a clear rejection of the establishment, of endless austerity and constant attacks against the working class. 

These attacks have been imposed by both Labour and Tory councils with very little fightback by the main unions.

The media and some politicians have used anti-migrant racism, Islamophobia and the race card to divide us.

But let’s not get carried away thinking that the vote to Leave is delivering working class voters into the right wing camp.

The lack of a fightback against austerity has caused soft racism among some sections of the working class.

I can understand Labour supporters and some of my left wing comrades voting to Remain because of the worry of a move to the right.

Some said that workers benefit from being in the EU. That’s nonsense—workers’ rights were won by generations of struggle.

The knives are also out from the Labour right attacking Corbyn.

Instead of attacking Corbyn they should be supporting him and calling for a general election.

Corbyn must be supported all the way. But this climate is also an ideal opportunity for the left to regroup—and push the Tory scum into the dustbin of history.

Howard Wilson, Ex-Armthorpe miner

The junior doctors’ vote against the new contract and the teachers’ strike last week are great opportunities after the Leave vote in the EU referendum.

The Tory party is in crisis and Ukip’s Nigel Farage has resigned. We need to organise while the right are weak and divided.

Over 100,000 people have signed up to the Labour Party in the last week. That’s a positive development. When our side goes on the offensive and links up struggles against racism and austerity, it can shift the debate.

That’s why the 16 July demonstrations against austerity and racism are so important.

Blythe Taylor, Stoke-on-Trent

Has the EU scuppered a new vote for Scottish independence?

The Scottish National Party called for Scotland to have a second referendum so it can stay in the European Union (EU).

But has this been fatally undermined by the EU’s cold response?

The bosses’ club came to the brutal conclusion that Scotland is not in a position to bring enough political, economic and military assets to the table.

Member states such as Spain feared supporting such a call would bolster Basque calls for independence.

They will always put their national interests first and veto the EU supporting a call for a referendum.

For socialists who supported Lexit the EU’s reaction comes as no surprise.

A referendum without the promise of EU membership is likely to fail.

Adrian Jarvis, Stockport

Teachers' strike has made the union grow

NUT union reps are reporting that membership has gone up after last week’s strike.

One rep said he has been trying to get a teacher to join for 20 years—she finally did on Monday and was on the picket line.

Another rep said their school faced an inspection from local authority officers after the school had just had a good Ofsted report.

I told the rep to tell the head that staff were not prepared to go through this and were covered by the union’s action short of strike.

Minutes later I got a message from the rep saying the head had agreed and inspectors were going to celebrate with staff instead.

Sally Kincaid, Leeds

Don't knock down estate

Tenants at the huge Northumberland Park council estate in north Tottenham are gearing up to fight privatisation and demolition plans affecting as many as 1,800 homes.

Haringey Council wants to sell the estate to a new joint venture company. It wants to do this without a ballot of residents and to make a 20 percent profit.

A new residents’ group called Northumberland Park Decides has been launched. It demands a vote in a secret ballot on any demolition proposals, and proper repair and maintenance of the estate in the meantime.

Paul Burnham, North London

Chilcot and bomber Blair

Everyone knows we were lied to about the so called weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist.

Why is this man still walking around with not a care in the world after all those soldiers died fighting for a lie?

It’s a case of one rule for us and another for politicians.

Michael McDermott, on Facebook

Tony Blair—war criminal, blood on his hands.

Stephen Bebbington, on Facebook

And they wonder why politicians are universally despised these days.

I remember that at the time many people found it difficult to believe that the prime minister could be a liar.

Not a problem you have now.

Duncan Brown, on Facebook

The Blairites organising against Jeremy Corbyn are the same people who voted for invading Iraq.

They’re also the ones who organised to deliver a vote to intervene in Syria to warmonger David Cameron.

They have absolutely no shame. Now more than ever we need to defend Corbyn against attacks from the right.

Gabby Thorpe, by email

It’s good that Chilcot shows that Tony Blair lied.

But what about George Bush?

He’s living out his days in luxurious retirement when millions of people’s lives have been destroyed by his actions.

Robert Caraway, by email

Arrest the war criminal Tony Blair.

Martina Pica-Antonio, on Facebook

What about the journos who backed Iraq war?

Thank you for publishing a list of current MPs who voted for the Iraq war.

Would it be possible to publish a list of journalist commentators who argued for it?

Stephen Norrie, by email


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