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Jeremy Corbyn urges his supporters to build a ‘mass movement’

by Nick Clark
Issue No. 2517

Jeremy Corbyn was mobbed by supporters in north London on Monday

Jeremy Corbyn was mobbed by supporters in north London on Monday (Pic: Socialist Worker)

Jeremy Corbyn supporters have spoken out against attacks on them by the right wing of the Labour Party.

Many are outraged after some 130,000 Labour Party members were barred from voting in the leadership election last week.

Calvin, a Labour member and student, told Socialist Worker, “The national executive committee that made that decision know what they’re doing.

“They know that the people who joined the Labour Party recently were going to vote for Corbyn. So they’re going to find mechanisms to stop that from happening.

“It’s silly because if you join a party you should be able to vote for your leader.”

Jay Ananthan, a Labour supporter, said, “If you’re in the Labour Party you should be able to have a say in who your leader is. This is the reason so many people are fed up with Labour politicians.”

Corbyn supporters also reacted to claims by deputy leader Tom Watson that they were being influenced by “Trotsky entryists”.

Valerie Bossman-Ovarshie, a long-time member of Labour, said, “The right are going to use that kind of claim to influence people who may not be as involved.

“It’s just more unfairness. It’s propaganda.”

Calvin added, “I’m nowhere near a Trotskyist. It’s all really overblown. There’s 300,000 people who’ve joined Labour recently. I don’t think they’re Trotskyists.”

Huge numbers of people have turned out to Corbyn campaign rallies in recent weeks.


Thousands turned out to support Corbyn at rallies in towns and cities such as Milton Keynes, Bristol and Sunderland last week.

He also spoke to 1,000 more supporters at a Black and Minority Ethnic people for Jeremy rally in Islington, north London, on Monday.

Many of those at the rallies turned out to support Corbyn because he represents an alternative to the politics of austerity and racism.

Valerie said, “I just love Jeremy. I’ve been a Labour member for a while but I’ve never really been involved because I couldn’t connect with Tony Blair or Gordon Brown. Jeremy’s just different.”

Jay added, “I’m considering becoming a Labour member, but I want to wait and see what happens. It’s definitely Jeremy Corbyn that made me want to get involved.

“It inspired me to take politics more seriously. I’ve just had my first child and have other things to think about.

“But he inspired me to get involved.He wants change and he wants a fairer and better society.”

Corbyn spoke to that mood at the rally on Monday. He said, “People have had enough of the politics of inequality.”

He said Labour had lost support because “we were not challenging the fundamentals of what was going on. The rolling back of the state, the destruction of public services, the programme of austerity.”

He called on his supporters to use his election campaign to build a “mass movement”, adding, “The issues around the election are wider and more general than just the leader of the Labour Party.

“It’s about the way we do politics in our society”.

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