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Good Riddance to TTIP

Issue No. 2519

Protesting against TTIP in west London last year

Protesting against TTIP in west London last year (Pic: Richard Donnelly)

Senior politicians who still claim that the TTIP trade deal is on track are becoming hard to find.

TTIP was supposed to bring together the European Union (EU) and the US in the world’s biggest trading zone—bulldozing environmental and workplace regulation.

In theory that’s something the elite on both sides are very keen on. Yet after 14 rounds of negotiations they can’t seem to agree on the terms of the deal.

French minister Matthias Fekl moaned, “The Americans give nothing or only crumbs.”

And with a US presidential election looming, both main candidates have come out against the proposed TPP treaty.

If TTIP and TPP fall apart it will be a victory for campaigning by activists, trade unions and NGOs.

The promises of globalisation bringing better living standards were shown up years ago. The economic crisis and disastrous wars have sapped trust in politicians and big business.

The shock of Brexit may have dealt the killer blow to TTIP. It certainly robbed the US of its most important ally inside the EU.

Most of all it’s a reminder that the ruling class doesn’t always get its way.

Capitalist society unites them against those they exploit, but also divides them in savage competition with each other.

That’s a weakness that should give us hope when we’re building fights against them.

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