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Socialist Worker Appeal—why we're asking for your money

by Charlie Kimber, editor, Socialist Worker
Issue No. 2520

The Socialist Worker Appeal will guarantee the future of your paper

The Socialist Worker Appeal will guarantee the future of your paper (Pic: Socialist Worker)

I want you to give Socialist Worker £125,000. Not you as an individual (although you are welcome to do so if you wish) but you the readers of Socialist Worker collectively.

We need a clear socialist voice more than ever. Capitalism offers us war, racism, poverty and climate change disasters.

But there is also serious resistance across the globe.

In its printed paper and on its website, Socialist Worker seeks to provide the arguments and the analysis that activists need. It is a weapon for fighting the particular battles and also the struggle for a future where people come before profit.

Our paper is for workers and students and people in struggle. We seek to be the voice of those whose views are squeezed out by the millionaire-controlled media.

We are unashamedly on the side of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn against the Tories, big business, most of the media and the Labour right.

Socialist Worker makes a difference. Every week it highlights the stories and issues that most of the media sidelines and marginalises. And sometimes we can exclusively reveal material.

Our revelations about the government’s plans for the Trade Union Act were used across the union movement, quoted by much of the mainstream media—and mentioned in the House of Commons.

Socialist Worker’s story in July about zero hours contracts at a franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken forced the firm to say it had taken action and would eliminate the contracts.


Our coverage of the struggle against blacklisting and for justice for the victims of Hillsborough showed consistent and dogged determination to support those fighting back and amplify their message of resistance.

We have run interviews with people across the Labour and trade union movement enabling a deeper debate about the challenges ahead, and the opportunities for socialists flowing from the rise of Corbyn.

We stand with strikers and refugees when the mainstream press stand against them.

In the last year Socialist Worker has sent journalists to the Calais refugee camp, to the front line of struggle in Greece, to report directly from the inspiring battles by French workers and to strikes and protests across Britain.

We have greatly extended our online coverage and our social media presence. This has enabled us to reach thousands more people every week.

There are a million news sources accessible to people across the globe. But there are precious few that are not controlled by the corporations or governments. There are not many that can be consistently relied on to tell the truth and to be always on the side of the working class and the oppressed.

Socialist Worker cuts through the lies and the froth.

We will never have backing from the multinationals and will always side with those resisting the system.

Socialist Worker punctures the pomposity of the rich and works to build the fightbacks that are the real source of our strength.

We want to maintain and develop our paper and website, to cover every strike and protest and picket line, to report on every struggle.

That needs your support. I am asking you to make your own donation and to encourage your union branch or campaign or your workmates to donate as well.

Every pound will strengthen a socialist paper at the heart of the resistance. You are playing a role in popularising the real solutions to the waste and cruelty of capitalism and laying the basis for overcoming it.

Thank you.

Donate online at
Phone 020 7840 5620
Send by post to SW Appeal, PO Box 71327, London SE11 9BW. Make cheques and postal orders payable to SW Appeal

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Wed 7 Sep 2016, 10:56 BST
Issue No. 2520
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