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Incompetent or corrupt Met coppers lose millions of files

Issue No. 2523

Police paper trail?

Police paper trail? (Pic: Flickr/Sam Judson)

Scotland Yard has lost 13 unsolved murder files and is considering whether they were destroyed by corrupt cops.

The files went missing in 2012.

A search of every single document held by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has also uncovered fresh intelligence about suspected police corruption linked to the Stephen Lawrence murder.

The force has previously said all relevant material had been handed to the 1999 Macpherson inquiry into the racist murder.

The papers were found to be missing in a review of cold cases after two men were convicted of Stephen’s murder in 2012.

Each file contained many boxes of documents and were archived at the Met’s General Registry in Hendon, north London.

The Met said they have no evidence the files, all dating back to the 1980s, were destroyed by corrupt police officers.

So they may have been destroyed by non-corrupt officers. Operation FileSafe has so far examined 900,000 files from 74 archives held in 34 Met buildings.

Internal briefings reveal how hundreds of thousands of papers have been held illegally while many sensitive files have simply vanished.

One test search of documents held in storage revealed more than half were missing. One document states that the reviews had “identified wholesale dysfunctional, inconsistent handling of unregistered material across the MPS.”

Another document notes that of the material held in “deep storage” on another site controlled by logistics contractors TNT, 54 percent of the records supposedly there were missing or misfiled.

A 2014 memo marked “restricted” stated, “The MPS does not know what information it holds, where it is stored or how to retrieve it.”

A team of 25 officers have been reviewing anti-corruption documents and is liaising with an inquiry into the murder of private detective Daniel Morgan.

Just to cover one building’s documents the 25 coppers would each have to look at and then file 22,727,000 documents.

A 2014 review by Mark Ellison QC found files were shredded relating to Operation Othona, a secret 1993 corruption report.

Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer (Pic: Wikimedia Commons/Bjørn Erik Pedersen)

Apparently a group of poshos are up in arms about plans to redevelop London’s Hurlingham Club at a cost of £19.9 million.

Rich members, including Jeffrey Archer, are unhappy as two lime trees will be cut down.

One member told a tabloid, “Some members might chain themselves to the trees to save them.”

An Enid Blyton gift shop in Dorset is embroiled in a racism row.

The Advertising Standards Agency stepped in after complaints that the shop was using a golliwog to advertise itself.

The advert also featured slogans such as “English freedom” and “political correctness gone mad”.

Man helps woman to break glass ceiling

The Daily Mail newspaper last week ran an article on “the most powerful woman in British business”—new GlaxoSmithKline boss Emma Walmsley.

According to the Mail, her promotion shows there is no “glass ceiling”.

But it was quick to explain that her success was really down to a man.The Mail hailed her “VERY understanding husband” and lamented how Walmsley was able to progress because his “career had taken second place”.

It then spent a good few paragraphs detailing her haircut, make up and clothes.

Daily Mail Tory columnist Sarah Vine last week described how her daughter receives extra help at school because she is dyslexic.

Vine opined, “The official name for these classes is SEN (Special Educational Needs). I can’t remember this, so I once referred to it as ‘special needs class’.

“My daughter was horrified. Apparently this is an inappropriate term (obviously, I now jokingly say it as much as possibly [sic] just to annoy her).”

Gun control for Nottingham scab union

Disgraced scab miners’ union boss Neil Greatrex failed to lift a ban on him owning guns. This is despite calling his friend Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping to vouch for him in court.

The former president of the Union of Democratic Mineworkers stole £150,000 from sick and elderly miners to do up his home.

Representing himself in court to get back his gun licence, he called one witness, former Sherwood MP Tipping. The application was turned down.

Is the Labour Party overrun with entryists?

Raytheon branded cruise missile

Raytheon branded cruise missile (Pic: US Navy)

Senior Labour figures are upset at members organising a “party within a party”. But only if they’re left wing.

Labour Tomorrow, which opposes elected leader Jeremy Corbyn, has raised £335,000 since July.

Donors include a hedge fund manager and a couple of Lords.

Meanwhile, over to the conference within a conference that is Labour in Liverpool. Here there clearly are some entrists.

Not the entirely reasonable Momentum but the purveyor of anti-gay ads the New Statesman magazine.

They ran a series of poorly attended corporate shindigs to influence the party.

This year’s many meetings at the Labour conference have two sponsored by Raytheon, which makes weapons of mass destruction.

Drug company Novum increased the price of acne cream Aloquin 128 percent to £10,000 a tube last week.

The main ingredients are an anitbiotic and aloe vera plant extract. Both are inexpensive. The cream is classified as “possibly effective”. This means the US Food and Drug Administration consider it safe but not much else.

The company Novum put up the prices of a number of other drugs last week. Since May 2015 Aloquin has gone up 3,900 percent.

Here comes the science bit... from Ukip

Douglas Carswell, Ukip’s only MP, set scientists straight on a few things last week.

Going against the grain as ever, Carswell challenged a top scientist by saying the sun’s gravity caused tides, not the moon’s.

Professor Paul Nightingale replied, “Douglas, this isn’t a controversial point. It’s in Newton’s Principia.”

But Carswell remained insistent that he in fact knew best.

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