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The Troublemaker - Labour's anti-nuke defence spokesperson backs Trident

Issue No. 2526

Many people rightly oppose Trident - but unfortunately not all in the Labour Party do

Many people rightly oppose Trident - but unfortunately not all in the Labour Party do (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Nia Griffith is one of those who quit the shadow cabinet, only to return following Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Labour leader.

The MP for Llanelli was rewarded with a promotion from secretary of state for Wales to the defence brief.

Happily she has a history of agreeing with the leader on the need to scrap the Trident nuclear submarine programme.

But consistency is not a commodity the MP is over burdened with.

So the new shadow defence secretary immediately committed the party to replacing Britain’s Trident nuclear submarines.

She told the British Forces Broadcasting service, “We are already committed to Trident going ahead and therefore we have to back that.

“In the past, I have had serious doubts about Trident—however, it’s party policy.

“We’ve taken votes on it at conference and we have voted to continue with the programme and that is a commitment that we will stick to. I don’t see party policy changing any time soon because the votes have been quite consistent at conference.”

That is the sort of principled position that has brought success in the Labour Party.

lThe Parlimentary Labour Party’s latest wheeze for MPs to express their “dissent” at least shows they are are a determined bunch. They are relentless in trying to find new ways to oppose Jeremy Corbyn.

The plan is to hold a vote over every issue before taking a postition in parliament. The idea is to stop attempts at compromise and push the Labour right’s agenda.

One critical backbencher called it “constructively muscular”.

Tough on tax avoidance?

Capital Group of Companies Inc is a investment advisory business in which Philip May plays a leading role.

Capital International Ltd company has not paid corporation tax since 2009, and in 2011 it received a £1.45 million repayment of what it had paid then.

The reason is that the fees it receives from its parent company in the US are less than its apparent costs.

How the main fund management company itself is performing its a mystery.

Although based in California, it’s registered in the US tax haven of Delaware and doesn’t publish accounts.

“If you’re a tax dodger, we’re coming after you,” Philip’s wife Theresa said in the summer.

Gag against army spook

A witness with knowledge of up to 50 kilings sanctioned by Britain’s security agencies has been barred from providing testimony by the government.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) refused to lift a super-injunction that gags Martin Ingram. He is a military intelligence officer who blew the whistle on the activities of a British agent inside the IRA.

The MoD obtained a court order against Ingram in 1999. His real name is Ian Hurst and he worked in the army’s top secret Force Research Unit.

Families of alleged victims are suing the British government for conspiracy to murder and alleged collusion.

Killer clowns are making a royal profit

Kate Middleton’s mum came under fire last week for selling “killer clown” costumes.

For her, the craze seems less a reason to panic and more a reason to count her cash.

The Sun was outraged. “Clown victims branded her firm Party Pieces ‘irresponsible’ and police urged sellers to withdraw the scary fancy dress,” it reported.

Clown victim Owen Russell said, “It’s disgraceful that these costumes are still being sold, especially by a family with links to the royals.

“They’re supporting the craze. Someone will get killed.”

Costumes available include Scary Clown and Deluxe Zombie, complete with “blood-spattered trousers and top”.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird, meanwhile, had some excellent advice. “Just don’t dress as a clown.”

French president hates many people in France

Francois Hollande accepts that France has a “problem with Islam”. The comments were revealed in a new book of interviews with the French president.

Troublemaker would agree that France has a “problem” in the sense that the state is Islamophobic and racist.

This isn’t quite what Hollande meant, however.

Apparently the problem is that Islam “wants to assert itself as a religion inside the French Republic”.

It wasn’t clear whether less assertive Muslims may be more acceptable.

Hollande has a go at the poor in the interviews too, bemoaning the French football team for including “guys from the estates with no values”. Such people are not “prepared to know the difference between good and evil”.

The Daily Mail makes a correction

A correction appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper last week. It read, “An article on July 30 described the late IRA leader Joe McCann as a ‘notorious killer’. In fact, he was never arrested for or charged with such an offence. We are happy to set the record straight.”

Troublemaker adds McCann was unarmed when a soldier shot him in the back and killed him in 1972.

Some Christmas ideas from Troublemaker

For the Troublemaker reader thinking of early Xmas presents for the child who has everything, how about a £100,000 rocking horse?

The bling beauty is encrusted with 82,000 Swarovski crystals and has silver and oak fittings.

And at a giddy £96,000, Crystal costs more than an actual horse.

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The Troublemaker
Tue 18 Oct 2016, 16:41 BST
Issue No. 2526
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