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Eyewitness from New York—'The movement against Trump is growing'

by Iannis Delatolas in New York
Issue No. 2530

Tens of thousands marched on Trump Tower in New York on Saturday

Tens of thousands marched on Trump Tower in New York on Saturday (Pic: Iannis Delatolas)

The Democratic Party accepts Trump. The people reject him in the streets.

In New York and Los Angeles this weekend we saw the largest demonstrations so far. Tens of thousands took to the streets in what was the largest protests yet.  

A huge crowd in New York, possibly 50,000 strong marched up Fifth Avenue to Trump tower. 

Within hours of the election results the Democratic Party establishment had already accepted the Trump presidency.

Hillary Clinton has conceded defeat. Obama met with Trump in the White House. Even the left of the party—Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren—have said they will work with Trump and give him the benefit of the doubt.

Clinton still tries to blame her defeat on the FBI email investigation. The truth is that she ran a campaign that said nothing to the concerns and needs of working people.

It was a campaign that said that America is already great, ignoring how devastating neoliberal politics have been for the working class.

Some Democrats have gone on to say that maybe a Trump presidency will not be all that bad. Look, they say, he will not repeal Obamacare, the health insurance statute that provides coverage to Americans while greatly benefiting the healthcare industry.

But tens of thousands of people across the country have a different idea.

There have been large demonstrations in most major cities with a very clear and angry message. 

"Not My president".  "Fuck Trump".  "Pussy Grabs Back".  "Racist, sexist anti-gay—Donald Trump go away". "Fuck your tower, fuck your wall," and "refugees welcome here," are some of the slogans that have echoed in these large and angry demonstrations. 


People are in utter disbelief. And at the same time they cannot stomach that a raving racist, sexist and homophobic billionaire will be the next president.

The Democratic Party is slowly trying to discourage demonstrators by showing signs of reconciliation towards Trump.

But the movement against Trump is growing rapidly. There are demonstrations on a daily basis in large cities. Here in New York a planning meeting on Facebook has more than 1,800 as attending this coming Tuesday. 

There are large demonstrations already being planned on 20 January, inauguration day in Washington DC. A Million Women March as well as an “LGBTQ And Allies” protest are also planned in Washington Square park here in New York in one week.

The police for the time being accommodate the protests, even though in Oakland, Portland and Seattle there have been clashes. 

They hope that people will blow off steam and eventually get tired.

But the opposite is happening—the movement deepens and larger crowds come together daily.

It is very important that the movement discusses strategy.

The Democratic Party lost the election to Trump by picking a big business candidate. They blocked the candidate that expressed the enthusiasm of young people, the social democrat Sanders.

Now they are showing how bankrupt they are politically by accepting Trump. The need for the left to take the lead is urgent in order to deepen the protests and pull trade unions into action.

This has not happened yet.  Given the depth of resentment against Trump, it is entirely possible and necessary in order to stop him.

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