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East London teenager to be deported by Tories' racist rules speaks out

by Tomáš Tengely-Evans
Issue No. 2549

Abdul (front, second from left) after speaking at event at his old school earlier this month

Abdul (front, second from left) after speaking at event at his old school earlier this month (Pic: Abdul Hassan)

A teenager from Hackney in east London is facing deportation to Bangladesh because of Britain's racist immigration rules.

Abdul Hassan, who turned 19 today, Sunday, spoke to Socialist Worker about the trauma the threat is causing him. "It's been devastating for me and my family," he said.

"My friends, life and future are in this country."

He added, "I always knew from an early age about my situation but I didn't really think about it until now."

Abdul said that deportation would "totally change" his life and that he would "lose everything".

"I can only speak some of the Sylheti dialect, meaning I couldn't understand anyone from the other regions in Bangladesh including the capital," he explained.

"I can't read or write so how could I get a job?"

Abdul came to live with his aunt because his father was ill and his mother suffers from schizophrenia.

He said, "My dad came to Britain with me on a medical application. The family saw it as a temporary thing but he sadly passed away and my mother couldn't look after me."

But now Tory Amber Rudd's Home Office denied Abdul's application for leave to remain in 2016 Some of the supporting documents were not the most up to date and Rudd's department claimed that his mother was now well enough to look after him. 

Abdul said, "Because we lost touch with the family, we used medical records from 2007 for the application.

"But my mother is really not well and we now have a letter that shows she has severe health issues."


Abdul finished at Stoke Newington Sixth Form last year and was offered a job at accountancy firm KPMG.

When Abdul was 16 he didn't automatically receive a national insurance number meaning he couldn't legally work.

After woman is deported from Britain - resist the Tory wave of racism
After woman is deported from Britain - resist the Tory wave of racism
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The Home Office has forced Abdul to live in limbo. "My life is totally on hold at the moment," he said.

His appeal will be heard on 8 June—if rejected he will be deported.

But Abdul has massive support among people in the local area. A petition organised by his old school friends has been signed by more than 18,000 people.

Abdul said "The petition they organised has made me lot more hopeful about my situation."

He added, "My friends didn't really know about it and were really upset when they found out.

"There's no difference between me and them."

Abdul is just one of hundreds of deportations that take place. We have to support Abdul and fight to end Britain's racist immigration system that produces such cases.

That has to be part of broader fight against the Tories ramping up their racist assault against migrants, refugees and Muslims.

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