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Mark Duggan’s killer advised cops involved in Anthony Grainger shooting

by Eleanor Claxton-Mayer
Issue No. 2549

Anthony Grainger was shot by Greater Manchester Police in March 2012

Anthony Grainger was shot by Greater Manchester Police in March 2012

Five days after shooting Anthony Grainger, Greater Manchester Police officers met the killer of Mark Duggan, an inquiry heard last week.

Anthony was shot while sitting in a car on 3 March 2012, authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs) didn’t make witness statements until six days later.

They were all in the same room with information displayed on a flipchart.

Before that the AFOs met with the Police Firearms Officers’ Association (PFOA) and V53—the officer who shot Mark Duggan in Tottenham, north London, in 2011.

Several AFOs, including those identified as J4, W9 and Z15, told the inquiry that the meeting was to give advice on welfare.

W9 said they did not make notes because they “didn’t see any relevance for it”.


The officer who shot and killed Anthony, Q9, was also questioned by the inquiry last week. Q9 said that after the PFOA meeting they had a separate meeting with V53, which was also “just all about welfare”.

Q9 said that they consider V53 a friend and confirmed that they “have had discussions with the shooter in Azelle Rodney and the shooter in Mark Duggan”.

Metropolitan Police fired eight rounds into Azelle’s car, six of which hit him, in 2005.

In the briefings for AFOs, Anthony and his friends were described as having been “engaged in armed robberies”.

Q9 claimed “the intelligence picture painted” indicated Anthony and his friends had used firearms. However, the other AFOs had told the inquiry that Q9 was the only AFO to come to this interpretation and the only AFO to fire their weapon.

Q9 agreed that they “were not given any current intelligence that the subjects had access to firearms” or “that the subject would be or may be armed with firearms on this occasion”.

Q9 confirmed that they had not seen a weapon, saying that they did not wait to see whether there was anything in Anthony’s hands “because that would have put the oncoming team in extreme danger”.


W9 told the inquiry that when challenging David Totton, who was also in the car, they could not see his left hand and were concerned that he might have a gun.

However, W9 agreed that “you would not fire just because you couldn’t see a subject’s hand”.

The AFO known as Z15 was asked why they fired shotgun rounds to deflate the tyres of the car Anthony was in.

Z15 claimed they thought the driver was “formulating a plan to escape”.

However when asked what Anthony was doing to indicate this, Z15 stated that “he wasn’t doing anything physically” and that “it is just my opinion”.

All the AFOs questioned last week stated that they were not wearing anything that obviously identified them as police.

When asked why the AFOs had met the officer who had killed Mark Duggan, W9 said, “Because we had not been in that situation before...It is a traumatic situation for my colleague.”

The inquiry continues.

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