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LETTERS - Jeremy Corbyn, socialists and the general election

Issue No. 2552

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Matlock last year

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Matlock last year (Pic: Neil Terry)

I would be really happy to see ­someone like Jeremy Corbyn at the top of the left party in Germany.

This is exactly what we need in the face of a rising far right.

But your coverage has disturbed me. There seems to be a constant search for treachery—such as “Corbyn concedes ground to Labour right over Prevent” (Socialist Worker, 28 March)

In the Die Linke party, I have seen politicians sell out. This is not what Corbyn represents—as far as I can judge. He is a reformist, which limits his politics. But there is a difference between the limits of reformism from below and the wheeling and dealing of the party machine.

It’s important to point to weaknesses and to argue for revolutionary politics but please stop this somewhat petty niggling.

Rosemarie Nünning, Die Linke member, Berlin

Don't forget treachery in Labour

In a poisoned barb aimed directly at Jeremy Corbyn, Lord Peter Mandelson declared on BBC’s ­Newsnight that “Any person with an ounce of loyalty or responsibility to the Labour Party” would resign after an election defeat.

This is the same Lord Mandelson who proved the extent of his own “loyalty” and “responsibility” to the Labour Party in February by declaring “I work every single day in some way to bring forward the end of (Corbyn’s) tenure in office.”

Whatever the result declared on 9 June, the labour movement must never forget the treachery of Mandelson and his ilk.

Sasha Simic, East London

Children are going hungry - Corbyn is right on free school meals

I work in a school which feeds children who come in hungry every day.

I was really pleased to hear Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement about free school meals for all primary school children.

When parents are struggling to pay bills, council tax and rent they are also struggling to feed their kids. We now have food vouchers to give out from school so that families can survive and eat decent meals.

It’s disgraceful that in one of the richest countries in the world that people have to live like this.

Socialists should be arguing for Corbyn and fighting for an alternative so kids don’t ever go hungry.

Kate, Leeds

Tories attack women with 'rape clause'

The child tax rape clause requires mothers seeking benefits for more than two children to prove that the third child was conceived either through sexual assault or during an abusive relationship.

Theresa May said that the clause is about “fairness”. But fair for whom?

For the victims of sexual assault who have to relive their experiences in order to receive the financial support they need to survive?

To the women who are reluctant to disclose their rape for self-protection, guilt, or fear?

To the women who will not receive these benefits if they’re still living with their abuser?

To force women to disclose personal information in order to survive is another cruel attack on the poor.

To put financial gain over women’s safety and mental wellbeing shows that May does not care about working class women or victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Bekah Patrick, Colchester

Housing crisis can be halted

The government is pressing ahead to end life time tenancies for council tenants and to sell off council homes.

The current Labour party leadership have pledged to build 500,000 new council homes.

Please don’t waste your vote on 8 June.

Mark Still, London

New Labour fears Corbyn

New Labour is Tory Lite. The reason they hate Corbyn is that they might have to work for a living.

Paul Wealend, on Facebook

Strikes don’t break the law

Socialist Worker regularly and rightly celebrates unofficial strikes (Socialist Worker, 12 April).

But the article wrongly claims that these break “new anti-union laws”.

Unofficial strikes have always been a “do-it?yourself” solution to slow official union procedures. Unofficial strikers break no laws, old or new.

Dave Lyddon, Staffordshire

Time to unite behind Labour

Can we take a lesson from the French Left?

They realise that they must be united to beat the greater evil.

We must do the same!

No splitting votes, no standing candidates against Labour.

All the resources of the left should be mobilised for Labour.

Rick Grogan, on Facebook

Do US morals protect us all?

The US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has said the US will hold to account “all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world”.

So will the US dismantle the illegal Israeli settlements and make Israel abide by United Nations resolutions.

Will they? Anyone taking bets?

Gareth Hopcyn, Stockport

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Tue 2 May 2017, 15:25 BST
Issue No. 2552
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