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Renewed resistance to Trump can wound crisis-ridden bigot

by Alistair Farrow
Issue No. 2555

Striking AT&T workers undermine Trumps rhetoric about protectionism

Striking AT&T workers undermine Trump's rhetoric about protectionism (Pic: DC Jobs With Justice/Twitter)

Pressure on Donald Trump’s rotten presidency increased last week with growing calls for his impeachment.

Trump admitted on live TV that “this Russian thing” was on his mind when he sacked former FBI secret police director James Comey.

Comey had been investigating alleged collusion between Trump advisors and Russian officials.

This is a division between sections of the US ruling class, but it can create openings for the resistance from below.

Comparisons have been drawn between Trump and Richard Nixon, the US Republican president who was forced to resign. While both faced a political crisis, there are important differences.

Nixon jumped ship before the Democratic party-controlled House of Representatives and Senate could impeach him for the Watergate scandal. Today the Republicans control both houses of the US Congress.


If Trump were to go he would be replaced by vice president Mike Pence—but Pence is hated too.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump (Pic: Gage Skidmore)

Around 150 students walked out of their graduation ceremony at Indiana’s Notre Dame University when he was giving a speech last Sunday.

Other Republican politicians faced lively protests at town hall meetings, including being chased down by people in cars.

Trump is pushing through his assault on working class people. In the latest attack, the Trump administration is threatening to take away some 50,000 Haitians’ right to remain living in the US.

But workers are fighting back—and undercutting Trump’s lies about protecting jobs. Some 40,000 AT&T retail workers struck last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Their demands include the firm stops outsourcing jobs in its call centres. Some 12,000 AT&T call centre jobs have gone in the US since 2010.

Mark Bautista, an AT&T worker from El Sobrante, California, said, “It’s about fighting a system that’s been rigged against us and way too many others for far too long.”

As Trump lurches from scandal to scandal the movement on the streets and in the workplaces can damage him and any potential successor—perhaps fatally.

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