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It’s up to us to force Theresa May out

Issue No. 2559

Protesters in Leeds want to get the Tories out

Protesters in Leeds want to get the Tories out (Pic: Neil Terry)

Rage at the murder of working class people at Grenfell Tower has plunged the Tories deeper into crisis.

The deaths have shown the contempt the Tories and bosses have for ordinary people. Furious residents heckling Theresa May as a “coward” will go down as one of the death knells of her leadership of the Tory party.

May is a zombie prime minister at the head of a zombie government—staffed by a party on the brink of open civil war.

But, still reeling from a shattering blow at the general election, the Tories’ problems go much deeper than that.

Taking a break from “making calls” about a possible Tory leadership bid, Brexit secretary David Davis began negotiations with the European Union (EU) this Tuesday. He claimed the two-year process got off to a “promising start”.

Having pushed for a snap general election to bolster the Tories’ negotiating hand, Davis is now a laughing stock among Europe’s ruling class.

Until Tuesday Davis was still holding out for parallel talks about setting up a free trade agreement for when Britain leaves the EU.

He had predicted that fighting to get them would be the “row of the summer”.

But Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, said he was “not in the frame of mind to make concessions”.

Davis swiftly agreed that talks about future trade agreements will only happen when the EU decides “sufficient progress has been made”.

The Tories won’t fall by themselves. We have to take to the streets and drive them out

For all their nationalist rhetoric Davis and his Tory team folded. Some “promising start”.

The EU goes to the heart of the Tories’ problems because it forces them to balance between the two sources of their support—big business and bigotry.

Their friends in the City of London are desperate to remain in the EU’s single market because it protects their profits.

It’s based on a race to the bottom across the EU and restricts socialist policies such as renationalisation of services and industries.

But, hoping to chase right wing Ukip votes, May came down on the side of bigotry.

Her racist, nationalist vision for Brexit includes both leaving the single market and dumping freedom of movement for migrants.

May’s decision papered over the problem temporarily. Now it’s back with a vengeance.

With no ready replacement, the ruling class doesn’t want to see May go straight away because it could open the door to a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour government.

The Tories won’t fall by themselves. We have to take to the streets and drive them out.

That way we can unite working class people around a socialist, anti-racist politics to fight for a vision of a totally different society.

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