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The vile Tory murderers must pay—protests can get them out

Issue No. 2560

The Tories have stitched up a deal with the sectarian murderers and sexist bigots of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

The DUP won’t officially be in the government, but its ten MPs will prop up the Tories in key votes.

For all of Theresa May’s talk about there being no “magic money tree” for the NHS and schools, the Tories found

£1 billion to buy themselves into government. This might give May some time—but it’s likely to bear poison fruit.

The deal is another sign of the Tories’ growing weakness after the election.

At the slightest pressure, they make a lot of noise then throw their hands in the air. The queen’s speech last week was nasty but it gutted the Tories’ manifesto.

This deal with the DUP leaves it more threadbare still. An unpopular plan to scrap the “triple lock” that protects pension rises has gone. So has the scheme to means test the winter fuel allowance.

The Tories’ claim be to neutral in Northern Ireland has always been a lie.

Their record is one of suppressing democracy, stoking sectarianism, torture and murder in the cause of British imperialism.

This lie is even less credible now that they have brought the Loyalist DUP into their government.

Deputy prime minister Damian Green claimed the Tories were the only party with “the ability and legitimacy to lead the government our country needs”.

Not only has May lost all authority, the government has lost all legitimacy.

We want another general election and a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour government—as part of a fight for a much bigger socialist transformation of society.


But it is not inevitable that the Tories will fall from office. The Tories are split and under mounting pressure from the Grenfell murder to Brexit, but they’re worried about ousting May without a strong successor.

Janan Ganesh of the Financial Times newspaper said that May “is one scandal or misjudgement from oblivion. But the Tories’ intent turns out to be sincere: they really do want to sustain this unsustainable premiership for a matter of years not months”.

Working class people can scupper the Tories’ plans.

The Tories didn’t obtain 70 flats for the Grenfell survivors in a luxury block in Kensington and Chelsea because they genuinely care.

It was because working class rage burst onto the streets. Hundreds stormed Kensington and Chelsea town hall and over 4,000 people marched in two demonstrations.

When May was forced to meet Grenfell survivors, local residents chased her away.

Now is the time to press home our advantage.

One analysis found that more than 750,000 people switched their vote due to May’s plan to snatch £3 billion from schools.

That’s because parents and teachers didn’t drop the campaign during the election period.

Driving the Tories out means mobilising on the streets, such as on this Saturday’s People’s Assembly demonstration, and the schools funding demonstration in London on 16 July.

Corbyn’s surge has lifted working class people’s horizons. Many have gone from thinking a better society is a nice pipe dream to seeing it as an achievable goal.

Trade unionists and campaigners need to use this to stoke resistance and strikes against the bosses. We need to ramp up the fightback to drive the Tories from office.

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