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Issue No. 1820

'IT IS extremely important that we prevent more aggression against a country that has already been bombed back to the Stone Age. Around 60 percent of our workforce are African or Middle Eastern in origin, so they tend to be more sympathetic to the anti-war argument. We have to keep on making our efforts to stop the war.'
Arif Shaikh, TGWU, First Central Buses

'THE WAR is wrong. It is the big oil companies that are dictating the direction Bush and Blair are taking us in.'
William Nicholl and Andy Donnan, GMB, council cleansing department, Dundee

'I'VE SEEN pictures of the children dying from cancer and leukemia in Iraq because they can't get the medicines they need due to sanctions. As a nurse, that appals and disgusts me. My job is about trying to save people's lives. I can't believe that Tony Blair and George Bush are so enthusiastically talking about a war which will destroy lives on a mass scale. I have never been on a demonstration in London before. But I felt so strongly about this issue. Nothing could keep me from coming out on the streets.'
Mandy Dowling, nurse, Chelmsford

'WE CAN stop the war happening. In Burnley we had a tiny glimpse of what violence can do in the riots last year. It is ordinary people who suffer, just as it would be if there is an attack on Iraq.'
Ibrar Burnley

'I AM passionately against the war. I think you should be passionate about issues like this. It is great to see how cosmopolitan this march is. There are lots of trade unionists, but lots of people who are just here for humanitarian reasons.'
Mehezbeen, Gloucester

'OUR UNION helped to submit the emergency motion on the war to the Labour Party conference. The turnout today is comparable to the anti Vietnam War marches in the 1960s and the pit closure demos in the early 1990s. You know when a demo is really huge, because it has this chaotic quality.'
Pete Keenlyside, Communication Workers Union

'I'VE BEEN a member of the Labour Party for more than 20 years. It is like a kick in the guts to realise that Tony Blair is one of the biggest warmongers in the world. This is not in my name, and I don't believe most Labour members are happy to let Blair bow down before this right wing Republican government of Bush.'
Andrew Sanderson, west London

'Labour should be helping to fight a war on world poverty, on the lack of water, on AIDS, not helping Bush launch his killing machine. We live in a capitalistic world, where it's oil and money which count, and human rights, civil rights and the environment go to hell. Today is brilliant, but we have to do more. We have to use every avenue at our disposal to defeat the war machine - through demos, civil disturbance, art and propaganda.'
Taz Brizzi, Haywoods Heath

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Sat 5 Oct 2002, 00:00 BST
Issue No. 1820
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