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Sexism has undermined Game of Thrones’ wide appeal

by Jasmine Francis
Issue No. 2565

The seventh season of Game of Thrones is well underway and has been met with much rejoicing from fans.

In a society where people often feel powerless it’s easy to see why some of the characters are so popular.

Take Jon Snow for instance—he started out as a “bastard” child who was treated as a second class citizen and became a leader, defying all expectations.

One of the other aspects that has kept people watching is that any of the characters can die at any time. The show is extremely violent and this reflects a society that has become accustomed to everyday violence.

Even as an activist who is against war and state violence, I found myself getting excited when characters I hate meet a gruesome end.

The show has also shown itself to be quite sexist. Graphic rape scenes are completely unnecessary and the sexualisation of women’s bodies over those of men adds nothing to the plot.

Although characters like Arya and Sansa kick ass and grow in confidence throughout the series, that doesn’t justify showing women’s bare chests in every other episode.

The fact of it is, the show doesn’t actually need to objectify women to get ratings and this really shows us there are still huge sexist divisions in society.

I honestly don’t know many people who watch it to see women naked.

People are more interested in the plots of revenge or seeing if the underdogs can come out victorious.

There is still a long way to go in the fight against women being objectified for entertainment.

Let’s hope one day HBO gets the message and can produce a show that doesn’t feel the need to constantly feature women as sexual objects.

The Journeyman

Drum and bass kingpin Goldie returns with his new album The Journeyman.

He describes it as the “big brother” to his seminal 1995 album Timeless.

The seemingly unstoppable creative force that Goldie harnessed in the 1990s helped push drum and bass out of the underground and to the fringes of the mainstream.

This resulted in some embarrassing episodes for him, perhaps the worst of which was appearing in a James Bond film.

But he has redeemed himself lately by nurturing newer talent such as Om Unit, Lenzman and Jubei.

The Journeyman could be taken as a marker of the journey drum and bass music has been on, from the underground to the edge of popular culture.

Artists who have ventured into making drum and bass for pop music audiences have met with varying degrees of success.

What success they have met with has tended to be short-lived.

But Goldie and the artists on his label Metalheadz have largely avoided such pitfalls, concentrating on making complex underground music instead of stadium anthems.

New artists such as Ulterior Motive feature on the album, co-producing the stand out track I Adore You.

While the new album doesn’t measure up to Timeless, it would be remarkable if it had.

Tracks from the 1995 album came out of intense periods of self-reflection. Sea of Tears was written on Brighton beach after hearing of the death of a family member.

The Journeyman is a return to form for Goldie after some years of pretension and dodgy productions.

Goldie brings his new album on tour with the Heritage Orchestra at the Roundhouse in north London on 19 November

by Goldie
Out now
Available at

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