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Seize our rulers’ crisis to win real change

Issue No. 2565

Theresa May and Donald Trump in happier times

Theresa May and Donald Trump in happier times (Pic: The White House)

The people at the top of society are in trouble.

Despite US president Donald Trump’s protestations that Monday was a “great day” for him, the White House is melting in his hands.

In Britain, Theresa May and the Tories lurch from crisis to crisis over Brexit, with sections of the civil service in near-open revolt.

One Financial Times newspaper columnist wrote this week, “No one knows where they stand with Theresa May any more.

“Since her own war of choice with the Labour Party in June’s election she has trundled on as the ceremonial leader of a neutered government.”

Unfortunately that crisis alone doesn’t mean an end to austerity and racist attacks.

When the ruling class is in crisis, it can lash out and look to increasingly racist solutions.


Trump’s attacks on Muslims, migrants and pushing for his border wall are all part of that.

And so are the Tories’ insistent calls for an end to freedom of movement as part of a right wing version of Brexit.

Despite their incompetence and unpopularity, the people at the top of the pile remain there. And they will stay in their positions unless they are forced out.

Jeremy Corbyn’s success is a massive boost to everyone fighting for a better society.

But it can lead to people simply waiting for the next general election rather than fighting at all times. That could allow the Tories to continue their toxic policies for longer than is necessary.

How they are forced out matters. The absence of a movement from below gives the people at the top the chance to rearrange the deckchairs on their sinking ship.

Theresa May got rid of her key advisers after her disastrous election campaign.

The people at the top will stay in their positions unless they are forced out

Yet one replacement was the hapless former housing minister Gavin Barwell—who had a hand in the conditions that led to the Grenfell Tower fire.

In the US Trump is getting rid of advisers left, right and centre. But he is replacing them with militaristic figures.

Ordinary people can force our rulers out, and push for more fundamental change at the same time. But it will take a dramatic increase in the amount of struggle. That means more strikes and more protests.

Strikes by BA cabin crew, outsourced hospital workers, bin workers and housing workers show there is a mood to fight.

That needs to be pushed forward. National action over the public sector pay cap would raise the level of class struggle in Britain. And it could become a focus for all the bitterness against the Tories.

The people at the top of society are far from invulnerable.

But we need to be organised to exploit their vulnerability and force them out.

And we can go further to challenge their system.

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