Socialist Worker

The things they say

Issue No. 2596

‘Scepticism of politicians is healthy. But too many people, fuelled by social media, indulge in knee-jerk cynicism ’

The Sun is worried that people don’t trust politicians

‘The fault originates with Tony Blair and his liar Alastair Campbell. Convinced they were doing God’s work, they cared nothing for truth’

The Sun says it is Tony Blair’s fault because they conned people into the Iraq war

‘Rupert Murdoch joined in an ‘over-crude’ attempt by US Republicans to force Tony Blair to accelerate British involvement in the Iraq war’

Alastair Campbell in his diaries. There were 175 Murdoch newspapers, including the Sun, around the world in 2003. By coincidences, all 175 of them shilled unequivocally for the Iraq war

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