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The Troublemaker - Theresa May sneaks out nine new vermin in ermine

Issue No. 2605

Reverend McCrea’s, now a newly-appointed Lord, on the cover of one of his many albums

Reverend McCrea’s, now a newly-appointed Lord, on the cover of one of his many albums

Using the Royal Wedding as one of those days where bad news can be usefully buried, a list of new peers was released.

Theresa May appointed her best mate among nine new Tory peers.

The PM honoured Catherine Meyer alongside the allies and advisers who will each cost around £30,000 a year in expenses and attendance fees.

Lady Meyer has previously praised May’s “profound humanity” and “courage”.

Also ennobled were former Tory MPs Peter Lilley and Sir Eric Pickles.

In 2015 Sir Eric Pickles told The Spectator that he has no interest in going to the House of Lords. “Get a grip on yourself,” he told the interviewer. In 2018 Sir Eric is “very pleased” to become Baron Pickles.

Lord Adonis, with no apparent sense of irony, called it “outrageous” that May created new peers.

He did not mind when Tony Blair created 162 Labour peerages, including Lord Adonis.

David Cameron handed out 261 peerages, but only 123 were to Tories.

Happily Labour got to pick three peers including former party general secretary Iain McNicol, who is rewarded for services to Corbynism.

Lastly the former DUP MP Dr William McCrea was elevated to the lords.

The gospel singer once shared a platform with loyalist murderer Billy Wright at a rally to show support for the loyalist leader. At a DUP conference McCrea once demanded “Libyan-type strikes” against Dundalk, Drogheda, Crossmaglen and Carrickmore.

He made the call in April 1986, just days after the US government had unleashed air strikes on Libya.

Carrickmore and Crossmaglen are in Northern Ireland.

So McCrea, who is now being elevated to the Lords, wanted “Libyan?type airstrikes” against what he sees as British towns—on the basis that their population was overwhelmingly Catholic.

Some Tories funded by the Communist Party

Some Tory MPs have been dredging up Cold War language, warning of the dangers of “communism”.

But four Tory MPs have each received at least £2,000-worth of freebies from an actual Communist Party for a “movers and shakers” trip abroad.

According to the latest register of MPs’ interests, Tories Bim Afolami, Oliver Letwin, Richard Graham and Victoria Prentis went to the

UK-China Leadership Forum in Beijing last month. They had an added trip to Wuhan, thanks to funding from the Intenational Liaison Department of the Chinese Communist Party.

The forum was also funded by the Great Britain China Centre, with ?nancial support from insurer Prudential and oil ?rm BP.

The Tory MPs were joined by Labour’s Andrew Gwynne and Nia Grifith. The SNP’s Stephen Gethin went too.

Bumper bonanza year for billionaires

A record 357 new billionaires emerged last year as the already very wealthy saw their combined fortunes soar to an all-time high of £6.8 trillion.

That is more than three times Britain’s gross domestic product.

The number of billionaires worldwide increased by 15 percent to 2,754 in 2017, according to a report by Wealth-X. Their combined wealth increased by 24 percent in a year.

The 10 richest billionaires collectively hold assets worth more than £500 billion.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, grabbed £26 billion more in the past year to take his wealth to £100 billion.

In just one day last month, Bezos’s fortune increased by £9 billion, after Amazon reported much higher than expected profits.

The US is home to the largest population of billionaires with 680, a 10 percent increase on 2016.

Sadly Britain lost four billionaires to reduce the total here to a mere 90.

Abuse cops deny sabotage

Two Essex cops pleaded not guilty to sabotaging a string of sex abuse cases.

Detective constables Sharon Patterson and Lee Pollard are each charged with three counts of misconduct in a public office between 2012 and 2014.

Patterson allegedly falsely represented evidence to her supervisor so that no further action would be taken against a suspect in 2012.

She created a false statement from a witness and passed it off as genuine.

Pollard is accused of removing and destroying four photographs which were “relevant and important exhibits”.

Pollard allegedly misrepresented evidence to his supervisor for no further action to be taken.

In the investigation involving a 13-year-old complainant, he allegedly failed to conduct relevant inquiries, and reported that they had a “negative result”.

They are both accused of creating false CPS charging documents to deceive supervisors into thinking no further action was being taken in cases.

Their trial will be heard next January.

Bristol Taser cop not guilty

A police officer was cleared last week of assault after firing a Taser at the face of a race relations adviser from her own force.

PC Claire Boddie, approached Judah Adunbi with PC Darren Weston as he walked his dog.

He refused to give his name, accused the officers of racism. PC Boddie said she did not know if he had a weapon and thought it was reasonable to use the Taser. The magistrate agreed. PC Boddie is now an acting sergeant.

Ukip Welsh leader sacked by text

Neil Hamilton has said he was told by text that he lost his job as Ukip Welsh assembly group leader.

Caroline Jones said that a majority of the group backed her over Hamilton to lead the group.

But the former Tory MP said he was ambushed. Jones had said the decision was “amicable” but Hamilton said it was a “mystery” to him.

Cops care if you're rich

Tens of thousands of victims of online fraud are seeing their cases dismissed by a computer algorithm. Unless you are rich.

The police guarantee that a human will investigate theft of more than £100,000. More than half of 290,00 cases reported are deemed not worthy of investigation.

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The Troublemaker
Mon 21 May 2018, 17:46 BST
Issue No. 2605
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