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Reject Trump’s bigotry, not just his trade deals

Issue No. 2607

Racist and sexist - Trump must be met with protests when he comes to Britain

Racist and sexist - Trump must be met with protests when he comes to Britain (Pic: Matt A.J/Flickr)

Tory prime minister Theresa May was “deeply disappointed” at her friend Donald Trump this week.

But she wasn’t disappointed by the bigot-in-chief’s latest sexist or racist outrage.

It was that Trump had imposed hefty tariffs on steel imports into the US. His moves threaten even greater national rivalries.

May had previously hoped to hitch onto the US after Britain left the European Union (EU).

But Brexit negotiations are not going to plan and May knows many British bosses depend on selling abroad. In an about-turn, May said that Britain would stand together alongside the EU in a trade war with the US.

Pundits branded May’s speech her “strongest criticism yet” of Trump. That says everything we need to know about the Tories.

Only when British capitalism’s profits might be threatened did May criticise Trump.

And for all the bluster, she is still rolling out the red carpet for Trump on Friday 13 July.


Monday marked Trump’s 500th day as president. In that time he has attacked abortion rights and LGBT+ rights. He has initiated racist clampdowns on migrants and Muslims at home, and his warmongering has threatened the world with annihilation.

He boasted on Twitter about “achievements” such as slashing taxes for the rich and corporations and unleashing a racist clampdown on migrants.

And, just in case anyone was in any doubt, the White House released a supplementary spread sheet showing that he’d deported 110,568 undocumented migrants.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement police doubled the number of workplace raids in the last six months. And it boasts that it will soon quadruple the number carried out by Barack Obama’s administration.

May had nothing to say about any of these outrages. She stayed silent when Trump imposed the Muslim ban as people took to the streets across Britain against it. And she said she backed his threats of war with North Korea.

She shares his racist politics.

We should all march on the Together Against Trump demonstration in London on Friday 13 July or join local protests. And we should try to do more. We must hound Trump and his supporters.

If you’re a student you can organise a walkout at your school or college when Trump’s here. Campuses should see walkouts and occupations.

And if you are a worker, you could hold a lunchtime protest outside your workplace—or even stage an unofficial strike over Trump’s visit.

We need to start planning these actions now.

It should not be business as usual when Trump comes. And fighting him will also deepen the Tories’ problems.

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