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Stop Trump's migrant raids

by Alistair Farrow
Issue No. 2608

Organising against raids in Morristown

Organising against raids in Morristown (Pic: Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition)

Every week brings another reason to take to the streets against Donald Trump when he comes to Britain on 13 July.

Earlier this year 4 percent of people told a survey they would definitely protest if Trump came to Britain. That comes to about two million people. Another 7 percent said they would consider joining a protest.

Now the fight is on to make sure the turnout is as big as possible.

Trump’s agenda around immigration is becoming clearer.

And there are signs that the resistance to it is growing.

The fallout from the biggest immigration raid in a decade caused chaos and confusion in the US state of Tennessee.

Some 97 people working at the Southeastern Provision meat processing factory in the town of Bean Station were arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) agents.

The plant’s owners, alleged to pay below the minimum wage, were not arrested.

Many of the workers did not live in Bean Station, but in Morristown, ten miles to the south, with its larger population of 30,000 people.

The day after the raid some 550 children did not attend school in Morristown, probably out of fear and confusion.

But the town has rallied in support of the families of those detained.


Almost £40,000 has been raised for them and donations have streamed in to churches where they are being organised. On top of the Bean Station raid, last Tuesday another 114 people were arrested at two plant nurseries in the state of Ohio. It left 50 children without a parent.

And one state department representative compared the people arrested with bank robbers.

“Let’s say someone has three kids and robs a bank. When they get arrested they’d be separated from their children,” Devin O’Malley said.

In response a relative of one of those arrested said, “Yes, she did come here illegally to make a better future for her kids—however, she was working under her real name and files taxes every year.”

Senators have been denied access to immigration detention centres, raising serious questions about the conditions people are being held in.

Some 1,600 people are set to be transferred to federal prisons by Ice as part of Trump’s “zero tolerance” drive to criminalise migrants.

The far right in the US will gain confidence from Trump’s raids.

And the far right in Britain will gain confidence from his visit.

Theresa May’s invitation is an endorsement of Trump’s brutal immigration policies.

There needs to be mass protests against Trump, and against the people who feed off the hatred he spreads through society.

Together Against Trump national demo, 13 July, 2pm, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA

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