Socialist Worker

The west aims to co-opt Iranian protests

by Nick Clark
Issue No. 2611

A protest in Iranian capital Tehran against rising prices

A protest in Iranian capital Tehran against rising prices (Pic: Fars news/Creative Commons)

Fresh protests have erupted in Iran over a lack of drinkable water and the plunging value of the currency.

Iranian security forces attacked protesters in the city of Khorramshahr over the weekend. Iranians in the south west province Khuzestan have been faced with contaminated tap water for several months.

The protests followed demonstrations in Iranian capital Tehran earlier in the week, sparked by the falling value of the Rial.

Economic crisis and pro-market policies have sparked a wave of strikes and protests.

The US and Israel have painted the protests as pro-West. Yet recently-applied sanctions enforced by the US have made life for ordinary people worse.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that senior US and Israeli officials want to use the protests to topple Iran’s government. They hope to replace it with a regime friendly to the West.

Yet Western-backed regimes across the Middle East have also pioneered the same pro-market policies. And the US and Israel’s support has allowed the Iranian government to paint the protests as a Western conspiracy.

Western governments are no friends of ordinary Iranians.

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