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Report 2: Mass demonstration against Trump in London

by Socialist Worker reporters
Issue No. 2613

At the start of the march

At the start of the march (Pic: Socialist Worker)

Tens of thousands of people are on the streets against Donald Trump in London. The march had to start 30 minutes earlier than planned because the police said it was a safety hazard to cram more into the assembly point.

Together Against Trump organisers said police put the protest at over 100,000 - and people were joining it all the time.

Coaches came from Wolves, Worcester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Plymouth, Norwich, Cardiff, Nottingham, Manchester, Oxford and elsewhere.

Many people had come on their first demonstration. Ben travelled to London from Oxford. "I'm 43 and this is my first ever protest. I felt like I had to come—Theresa May inviting Trump here feels like a personal attack," he said.

Protests have been called in dozens of cities at 5pm for people who couldn't make it to London.

People have come out for a whole host of reasons because Trump is launching attacks on almost every group in society.

A section of the protesters from Birmingham

A section of the protesters from Birmingham (Pic: Patrick Nielsen)

"He's a bully," said Jenna. "I don't agree with what he stands for. Instead of moving forwards it feels like we're moving backwards.

"Today is a good start but we need to keep it up to show there are people willing to fight back."

Before the march set off, speakers talked about the need to fight against Trump, but also against the Tories and their attacks.

Protest against Trump - when and where
Protest against Trump - when and where
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"We're here against Donald Trump, but we must also look closer to home. Different versions of the same policies are being pursued by our government too," said Cecile Wright from pro-Jeremy Corbyn group Momentum.

"Britain is the only country in Europe where migrants can be held in detention centres indefinitely.

"Our government has already starts building walls in Calais."

Claire from the Campaign Against Climate Change attacked Trump's climate change denial.

"We're seeing wildfire in places like Siberia," she said. "Climate change is starting to bite.

"We are marching to tell our own government they must not follow Trump down the path of climate change denial."

The march ends in a rally at Trafalgar Square from 5pm to 6.30pm. Marchers will be joined by crowds coming after work.

Voices from the demonstration

Miles is 13 and is on his first demonstration because “Trump tweeted that he would support LGBT+ people but in fact he’s done the opposite. Everyone deserves support and love.”

And mum Caralyn said she was out because of “the rise of fascism”.

Clara: I cant stand Trumps misogynyClara: 'I can't stand Trump's misogyny' (Pic: Socialist Worker)

“We needed to do something, people need to see us on the streets and the government need to see it”, she told Socialist Worker.

Clara is from Newhaven in Sussex and spent the train journey here talking to her two young daughters “about equality and the need to be kind to everyone”.

She told Socialist Worker she is “trying to balance out Trumps sexism, I can’t stand his misogyny.”

Many were keen to use the demo as an opportunity to level their anger at the vicious Tory government that has welcomed him.

Holly, a student from London made a placard drawing links between Trump and the Tories. She said Trump is “a dreadful person, and Theresa May shouldn’t be making allies with him. He’s racist and treats women badly. She shouldn’t be inviting him here, Tories out!”

Jon, a nurse said getting on the streets was “important, because you’re making a statement, and they’ll need to listen and change”.

He said Theresa May “shouldn’t cosy up to him, he’s abhorrent.”

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