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Join the protest against racist DFLA march in London

by Tomáš Tengely-Evans
Issue No. 2625

The DFLA marched earlier this year. Now it wants to do it again, and put itself at the head of the growing far right movement in Britain

The DFLA marched earlier this year. Now it wants to do it again, and put itself at the head of the growing far right movement in Britain (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Anti-racists plan to protest against the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) in London this Saturday.

The viciously Islamophobic group has called a march from Hyde Park to Whitehall in central London.

Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism have called a counter-mobilisation. It has the backing of Labour shadow ministers Dianne Abbott and John McDonnell and leading figures in the labour movement.

Other left wing groups have also said they will protest against the DFLA on Saturday.

The DFLA wants to whip up Islamophobia by pushing the lie that sexism and abuse is the preserve of Muslim or Asian men. Some on the left have given ground to this lie (see page 15).

It has been trying to organise in towns where the cops and authorities have failed victims of child abuse.

The publicity for the march rails against the “thousands of migrants” and “returning jihadis” from the Middle East.

The DFLA received a boost ahead of the march from Tory home secretary Sajid Javid last week.

At the Tory party conference last Tuesday Javid suggested that Pakistani “culture” was a factor behind child abuse.

The DFLA urged its supporters to “take the positives from the home secretary’s speech” and “keep the pressure up”.

This underlines the need to take to the streets against the fascists and racists wherever they try to mobilise.

And it shows the importance of building a mass movement against the racism pushed by politicians and the press that fuels the far right.

The DFLA march takes place at a critical time for the anti-fascist and anti-racist movement in Britain.

It comes on the one-year anniversary of a 15-20,000 strong march by the “original” FLA, which brought together racist thugs from across Britain. The successor DFLA wants to repeat this.

The DFLA’s racism has also hardened up in the year since that march.


The initial demonstration was called under the banner of “united against extremism” and the leadership was keen to keep Nazi Tommy Robinson at arm’s length.

That has totally changed.

Don’t fall for right wing lies over abuse perpetrators
Don’t fall for right wing lies over abuse perpetrators
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Vicious racism against Muslims is the glue that binds the DFLA together and Robinson has become the group’s main focus.

The DFLA hopes the march will put its at the head of the “Free Tommy” movement that has galvanised the forces of the British far right.

Robinson was arrested for filming outside a Leeds court in June as part of an attempt to exploit a sexual abuse trial to whip up Islamophobia.

He was released on bail and is awaiting retrial.

His retrial was scheduled for last month, but the full hearing will now take place on Tuesday 23 October.

If Robinson is released, it will boost every fascist and racist in Britain and internationally.

And if he’s sent down, they will use it as a pretext to take to the streets to terrorise Muslims and their political opponents.

Every anti-racist must go all out to build for the national demonstration against racism and fascism in London on 17 November.

That demonstration can give confidence to anti-racists to take on divisive arguments pushed by politicians.

And it can feed into a movement that is capable of breaking the confidence of the far right on the streets.

Oppose the racist DFLA. Saturday 13 October, 1pm, Old Palace Yard, London SW1P. Called by SUTR and UAF.

Join international anti-racist conference

Anti-racists from across the world are coming to London this month for the Stand Up To Racism conference.

With the racist Donald Trump in the White House, racists the world over are emboldened.

Speakers confirmed so far for the conference include Labour MPs Diane Abbott and John McDonnell and Matt Wrack of the FBU union. International speakers from Austria, Hungary and Greece will also be attending.

Organisers “are inviting all those who want to build a mass movement against the far right on the streets, in the workplaces, on the campuses and in our communities to debate the way forward”.

Themes will include the rise of the far right, the Windrush scandal, refugee solidarity and Islamophobia.

Join the conference on Saturday 20 October. 10am to 5.30pm. Register at

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