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The Troublemaker—US mercenaries worked as a ‘murder squad’ in Yemen

Issue No. 2628


The United Arab Emirates contracted Spear Operations (Pic: US Department of State)

A US company Spear Operations Group organised a private assassination squad to work in Yemen.

The company’s founder, Israeli operative Abraham Golan, and former US Navy Seal Isaac Gilmore admitted to these actions in a Buzzfeed article.

The company hired several other US veterans and reservists.

US mercenaries were hired by the United Arab Emirates, as part of the Saudi Arabian-led coalition fighting in Yemen, to carry out assassinations in 2015.

Spear Operations Group agreed with the UAE to conduct targeted killings at a fee of £1 million per month plus undisclosed bonuses.

In one operation a dozen men loaded up with body armour and whiskey flew a charter plane from a small New Jersey ­airport to a UAE base

“There was a targeted assassination program in Yemen,” said founder Golan, “I was running it. We did it. It was sanctioned by the UAE within the coalition.”

Another one of the team’s mercenaries was still in the Navy Reserve with top-secret clearance. Another formerly worked with the CIA’s equivalent of the military’s special forces, otherwise known as the “ground branch”.

A former CIA official described the mercenaries as “almost like a murder squad”.


See video here

  • Paveway IVs are made by Raytheon UK. They are blowing up people in Yemen. The RAF and the 640-warplane Royal Saudi Air Force are equipped with them. They cost £62,000 each.

Along with British-licensed Brimstone, Storm Shadow, ALARM anti-radar missiles, and PGM500 guided bombs, Paveway makes short work of civilian targets.

Since the bombing of Yemen began in 2015, Britain has sold more than £4.7 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. Some 110 military personnel and 130 government civilian staff currently maintain its weaponry.

Aeroplane, helicopter and drone sales over the past three years were £2.7 billion, bombs, missiles and grenades another £1.9 billion.

Brit billionaires are 25% richer this year

The world’s richest people made a record amount of money last year, with the wealth of British billionaires growing by a quarter, a report has found.

The fortunes of billionaires rose by £1.3 trillion worldwide, almost 20 percent.

The figures are from the Swiss bank UBS and the accountancy firm PWC.

Some of Britain’s wealthiest people were among the biggest winners, with its 54 billionaires enjoying an average jump from £2.3 billion to £2.9 billion.

Globally 2,158 billionaires held assets worth an average of £3.2 billion last year, up from £2.9 billion in 2016.

More than 300 billionaires were created last year while 153 sadly slipped out of the wealthiest bracket.

But there’s always next year.

Thought crimes and Tory control orders

A man who told a court he believes he is Jesus Christ has been found guilty of encouraging acts of terrorism by posting Isis videos on his Facebook account.

Abdulrahman Alcharbati shared the material on his open social media page, including footage of executions and suicide bombings.

Alcharbati, who has been diagnosed as being bi-polar, will be sentenced in December.

Anjem Choudary, or terrorist hate preacher as the press prefer to call him, was released after serving a sentence for encouraging support for Isis. He is restricted by at least 25 measures. They include only being allowed to associate with people approved by the authorities. Use of the internet will be supervised. He cannot travel outside of London.

At least four associates of Choudary, who cannot be named, were subject to a Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measure. This is a form of control that places two years of restrictions on the movements and activities of people who have not been charged with a crime.

Lawrence cops face questions

Three police officers who led the original Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry 25 years ago have been told they will be questioned over alleged misconduct in public office.

They will be interviewed under caution over failings in the investigation into the 18 year old’s murder by a racist gang.

Detective Superintendent Ian Crampton was in charge for the first three days after the murder. Detective Superintendent Brian Weeden took over as senior investigating officer. Detective Chief Superintendent William Ilsley oversaw them both.

All have received letters formally placing them under investigation by the National Crime Agency.

Tory sick slurs on Lawrence

Tory Anita Sillick, who is running to be councillor for Temple Hill in Dartford, Kent, next year, has launched a bizarre and offensive attack on Stephen Lawrence.

She opined, “All this Stephen Lawrence stuff gets on my tits. He was a drug dealer who used violence to get what he wanted. My own father witnessed him going into a shop and demanding cigarettes he used a knife to threaten the member of staff.” She has refused to apologise for this nonsense.

Check your facts Full Fact

Slightly smug fact-checking website “Full Fact” changed its facts when Socialist Worker pulled it up on them.

They write, “We corrected a typo in this article which stated 36 percent of 940 possible offenders who had been reported to CEOP for ‘street grooming and child sexual exploitation’, as identified in its 2011 report, were identified as Asian. The correct figure is 26 percent.”

The automated reply asking us to subscribe to their products was nice.

  • Delsie Gayle who was subjected to a racist tirade on a Ryanair flight has dismissed her abuser’s apology. David Mesher said “I apologise for all the distress you’ve had there and since.” Delsie Gayle said “I don’t think so. You must forget and forgive, but it’s going to take a long time for me to get over what he has done to me.”
  • A millionaire has lost his personal leisure centre after refusing to get planning permission. Accountant Graham Wildin fought to keep the 10,000 square foot leisure centre at his six-bedroom mansion. It has a bowling alley, cinema, squash courts, bar and casino plus a 25 foot, three-storey doll’s house. Tragically it will be bulldozed, a court ordered.

The Things They Say

‘It wasn’t Daniella in the lions’ den; it was a petting zoo’

The Conservative 1922 committee weren’t nasty to Theresa May according to Michael Fabricant MP

‘Help protect the low paid from necessary savings in public spending’

George Osborne defends the fact he kept a cap on public sector pay despite civil service warnings it would trap children in poverty

‘Make sure this doesn’t go to court and to make sure nobody finds out, how many zeros do you want on the end of this cheque?’

Employee of Sir Philip Green recalling the office atmosphere

‘I’m being used as target practice’

Sir Philip Green after being outed as a sexual harasser

‘I might be prepared to’

Tory MP Justine Greening, former education secretary, indicating she could run for the party leadership

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