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LETTERS - It’s right to challenge racist lies over child sexual abuse

Issue No. 2629

Much of the press has focused on the ethnicity of abusers

Much of the press has focused on the ethnicity of abusers

I think this race stuff has allowed the police to shift focus away from how much they clearly don’t care about people from poorer or difficult backgrounds (Claims about ‘Asian sex gangs’ don’t stack up, 31 October).

In the big Rochdale case, although some weren’t, most of the known victims came from chaotic backgrounds—abusive homes, absentee parents, the foster care system.

They were easy to target and they were children no one cared about.

The sexual health clinic worker who talked about it said the police and social services considered the girls “slags” who had it coming and that it was inevitable their lives would go this way.

All these ‘OUR GIRLS!’ types don’t really bother to look at why they ended up being victims.

Their lives were a mess and no one was protecting them or telling them they were valuable.

Laura Mar, On Facebook

The vast majority of CSE offenders are single white men.

Problem is the image of all Asian/Pakistani offenders paints a different picture. People make judgements emotionally, so how do you address this?

Shazad Amin, On Twitter

Excellent article. There must be many more such criminal “gangs” in other “groups” that have not been detected or pursued with such efforts.

Systemic Islamophobia has focused the microscope on Muslims, so other groups are getting away with it.

AhmedC, On Twitter

Everyone who genuinely cares about all victims needs to read this and read it again.

Huge gratitude to Dr Cockbain and Socialist Worker for having the courage to go against the tide.

Johnny Spooner, On Twitter

Labour shouldn’t back tax cuts for rich

The Tory budget has been reported as the end of austerity and a huge boost to the NHS.

As someone who works in mental health services within the NHS the notion that the government is now going to fully fund services is far from the truth.

It was also clear that the main people to gain from the tax changes in the budget were the much better off.

I was therefore very surprised and disappointed to see Labour’s John McDonnell not oppose these tax changes.

If Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is to represent a challenge to the way things are, then taxing the rich and their corporations is the minimum one would expect. Trying to appease the well off has never worked for those wanting to fundamentally challenge the wealthy.

Salena Williams, Bristol

Our battle is political, says Glasgow striker

Thank you for printing an honest account of the dispute with Glasgow City Council (Socialist Worker, 31 October).

I spend much time arguing with Scottish National Party (SNP) supporters that this strike is not a politically motivated attempt to discredit the SNP.

We don’t need to discredit the SNP-run Glasgow City Council—their actions do that already. However, the many times I hear, “This is not a political strike!’’ bothers me. This IS political.

Women being paid much lower than men? Unelected council officers thwarting progress, including millions of pounds spent trying to block our fight in the courts?

While the chief executive gives out six-figure sums for some people to access pensions early? The largest equal pay strike in history? My arse it’s not political!

I’m resolved to win.

A Glasgow striker

We’ll keep fighting to block Uber

I started working for Uber in 2013 and I have been campaigning since 2014. In 2016 an Employment Tribunal ruled we should be treated as “limb-b workers”, not self-employed due to the control Uber has over us.

Uber appealed last year and we won again.

It wants to flood the street with drivers everywhere without taking any responsibility.

Uber can afford to keep appealing. It’s a mockery of the system.

I’m grateful to the IWGB trade union that helped us get the best legal team, and for the UPHD drivers who backed us. It was a struggle and lonely to start with.

We had drivers scared to come forward, or felt there was nothing we could do to make things better. But when we won our first tribunal, it really took off.

We have managed to build a movement of drivers across Britain in seven different cities.

I have never seen gig workers unite and organise the way they have today.

I’m glad we’ve done our bit to take on Uber alongside James Farrar (co-claimant) and helped UPHD members across Britain. But it is draining and it has stressed me out.

The question is—what is the government doing to help workers like me? What are Transport for London and local councils doing? If Uber can get away with exploiting drivers, it’s bad for everyone. We’re going to carry this fight forward.

Yaseen Aslam, Former Uber driver

We can stop Bolsonaro

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro should be in jail. But it will be hard to defeat him, as he has some parts of the church behind him as well.

But his victory gave us some hope. I’ve never seen the Brazilian left so united as it is now.

Cleseo Baranda, On Facebook

If we don’t learn the lessons of the whole PT period, we won’t learn how to defeat Bolsonaro and all he stands for.

Peter Dwyer, On Facebook

Anti-racists are majority

Can and will be beaten! (Global menace of far right can be beaten, 31 October).

There’s more of us on the right side of history!

Alex Alexandre, On Facebook

I’m missing my flu vaccine

I did wonder why I haven’t had a text from the doctors telling me to book an appointment (Winter flu vaccine crisis looms, 31 October).

Now I know why!

Katie Todd, On Facebook

Labour plan fails tenants

Blue Labour business puppets in charge (Vulnerable residents could lose homes, 31 October).

About time they got the old ones back who represent their electorate.

Paddy Hanrahan, On Facebook

Most probably they will build for the rich and move the people out of London completely.

Labour want to use Jeremy Corbyn to get in but quickly remove him to continue austerity.

Andres Viveros, On Facebook

Protest to get climate action

Well done to the protesters who blocked roads around parliament over climate change.

Direct action can force politicians to take action.

Suzy Naylor, Manchester

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Mon 5 Nov 2018, 11:41 GMT
Issue No. 2629
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