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The Troublemaker - Millionaire Tory landlord in sick video of Grenfell effigy

Issue No. 2630

Paul Bussetti (left) and Clifford Smith (right)

Paul Bussetti (left) and Clifford Smith (right)

One of the six men arrested over a vile bonfire night effigy of Grenfell Tower is a property millionaire who owns an £8 million block of flats in Clapham, south London.

Paul Bussetti owns a block of flats that is made up of one, two and three bedroom homes that rakes in at least £30,000-a-month.

He is believed to have used a £4 million inheritance from his murdered father, also a landlord, to buy the mansion block with his brother and sister.

The Georgian building comprises 16 flats and local estates agents value the building at £8 million.

The annual income from the property would be close to £400,000.

Bussetti drives a black Range Rover with a personalised number plate and a plaque on the family’s £500,000 home boasts that they are “party animals”.

Six of the ten-plus people at the party where the effigy was burned handed themselves into police.

These are Bobbi Connell and his father Clifford Smith who hosted the party at his South Norwood home.

Another is company director Steven Bull, who apparently made the cardboard effigy with his teacher partner.

Bussetti and friend Mark Russell were also held with Trent Bogle.

Clifford Smith along with Bobbi Connell and Paul Bussetti had their memberships of the local Conservative club suspended last week.

They appeared in a number of pictures on the now-deleted Facebook page of the South Norwood Conservative Club.

One featuring Smith photographed mocking the homeless during a trip to Las Vegas was captioned, “Best tramp in Vegas.”

Quilliam think tank is on the run

The Quilliam Foundation is in retreat after being challenged about its claims on child sexual exploitation (CSE).

Quilliam claims to be a “counter-extremism” organisation. It mainly targets Muslims.

It released a report last December on “group based child sexual exploitation”. This claimed that 84 percent of people convicted of grooming gang offences since 2005 were Asian.

Last week it rewrote some of its report following months of criticism by experts and others. The original report claimed to provide a “comprehensive data analysis of all group child-sex offences” in the UK over a 12-year period.

The new report claims to provide a “data analysis of group-based CSE offences”. The original claimed it would “definitively demonstrate” whether one ethnic group is disproportionately represented in the convictions.

The new report simply claims it will “demonstrate” this.

Quilliam denounced CSE researcher Dr Ella Cockbain’s claim that it had altered its report as “surreal”.

It is particularly het up about the fact that Ella spoke to Socialist Worker about the flaws in its report. It attacked the Socialist Workers Party as a “revolutionary socialist organisation”.

It was also unhappy that human rights group Cage had thanked Ella for challenging racist myths on abuse.

So it attacked Cage.

Boss nets pay rise for inadequate care

A company providing substandard care for the elderly gave its chief executive a £200,000 pay rise last year.

Pete Calveley, the chief executive of Barchester Homes, earned £914,000, company accounts disclose.

It’s up from £702,000 the previous year.

Care Quality Commission reports show that residents at some of Barchester’s homes were put at risk of harm.Barchester Homes mainly provides nursing care for older people.

Of the company’s 174 homes and community care services in England, 35 were rated as requiring improvement and four were inadequate.

Calveley, who took over at the company in 2014, lives in a £1.2 million property.

He received the pay rise despite the company posting a £1.5 million loss.

Basildon council to build on Dale Farm

Basildon council is set to allow a private developer to build up to 700 houses at the Dale Farm traveller site.

The Essex council evicted Travellers from the site in 2011, bulldozing the homes of 86 families.

It claimed Travellers had to leave to protect greenbelt land. Now it is ready to remove greenbelt restrictions to allow private development.

Basildon council’s draft local plan includes a major new road running through south west Billericay and 1,700 new homes on greenbelt land.

Loan shark refuses to pay up

Loan shark Cash Genie won’t pay £20 million promised to victims of its unfair practices.

In 2015 regulators ordered it to pay out or write off debt for 92,000 customers. Unfair practices included charging a £50 fee for referring customers to its own debt collection arm.

But it says there is no money.

More people in temporary homes

Last year 79,880 households were placed in temporary accommodation, including 123,130 children—an increase of 44 percent over five years.

Housing benefit is pegged to 2011 rent levels and has been frozen since 2016.

According to housing charity Shelter a shortfall between housing benefit levels and the cost of renting a modest two-bedroom house in 95 percent of areas.

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