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LETTERS - Fighting back has helped to recover from hate crimes

Issue No. 2635

During February 2018 I came out as trans-female. Since the age of five, in 1967, I knew that I was female, trapped in a male body.

Until this year, this fact has caused me considerable mental anguish.

After coming out in February, I have suffered two hate crimes. These were very distressing, but the police were not really interested.

These crimes led me to suffer from PTSD.

Once I had sufficiently overcome them I decided that, in the absence of non-existent mental health support thanks to the Tories, I had to pick myself up.

And to do that I would join causes and a political party that would support me in doing this.

I am fortunate that I have managed to make a remarkable recovery.

Many people do not. For me it is personal. Morally I had to act.

How dare the likes of the Nazi Tommy Robinson and his cohort be allowed to patrol the streets, attacking people and spitting out such hatred?


And it is not just in Britain. Worldwide, the rise of the far right is totally unacceptable.

They need to be stopped at all costs.

I am proud to be a member of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), specifically, Sheffield branch.

I have truly found a home from home as within this branch and the SWP, I have been welcomed with open arms.

There is such positivity within the SWP. In addition, I am part of Stand Up To Racism.

In London I was one of the 30,000 demonstrators against racism and fascism at a protest last year.

What I experienced during the march was a Britain of multiculturalism. That is what it should be like in Britain and across the world.

That is what drives me to devote my time and energy to our causes. United we are powerful. No pasaran!

Juliette de Tosni-Tauvignon, Sheffield

Academies are a scam

There was a big campaign in 2012 to stop our local primary school becoming an academy.

Michael Gove’s selloff of the school to Lord Harris’s academy chain went ahead despite the opposition.

I walk past the school every day. I see the banners go up, claiming “good” or “improving” Ofsted reports.

Now we hear that the head and two other teachers have been sacked over “tampering with SATS tests”!

Turning schools into academies is done for profits, not for better education. If schools are run for profit with no local accountability, children are thrown to the business vultures.

Harris Academy was a rip off from the start and we knew it!

Janet Evans, North London

Volunteers are no solution

I am a volunteer at a food bank in South Tyneside. I agree with your analysis about volunteering (Socialist Worker, 5 December).

Volunteering is good but it is not the solution.

We must get rid of the hated Universal Credit and end austerity. We need to halt plans to privatise any parts of the NHS.

Also, we should not be listening to investment bankers, celebrities or Tories for their solution.

After all, what do they know about hardship?

Rob Murray, South Tyneside

Fight ruling classes in and outside the EU

It is good that Socialist Worker has highlighted Costas Lapavitsas’ new book, The Left Case Against the EU (Socialist Worker, 12 December).

Costas rightly shows how EU policies have destroyed the lives of millions.

He also shows how the EU is responsible for the deaths of thousands of refugees and migrants.

He clearly shows how this is the result of the very nature of the EU, and argues that the answer is for progressive forces to build a left-national alternative outside the EU.

But this ignores how the ruling class will fight to protect their interests.

I was also concerned that Costas argued that outside the EU the left should be prepared to impose controls on the movement of people.

The EU is not the only barrier to radical change.

Martin Empson, Manchester

Shame on Labour over care strike

Birmingham Home care workers started action to stop the Labour council from cutting their hours and jobs way back in January 2018.

Many are lone workers and to strike and show such unity is quite incredible, inspiring and humbling.

They won an award for the Campaign of the Year at the TUC Awards Dinner.The care workers have continued to fight against a draconian Labour council under Ian Ward.

They have been treated shoddily, indeed disgracefully, by Ward and his cronies. Every time the care workers come up with help to end this long-running dispute it is the council that wrecks it.

Chaz Stoll, Dudley TUC

France fight needs support

Macron needs to go and the system needs to change.

This is perhaps the biggest demonstration against capitalism in France since ’68. The Yellow Vests need encouragement.

Cameron Trost, On Facebook

In the French election last year the left parties would have won if they had been one party.

Hope they can unite to give these desperate people a voice in power.

@PaulineGTsmith, On Twitter

Lots of cash in the system

The world’s richest people spent £5.2 billion on properties in the year to the end of August 2018.

There’s lots of money in the system.

Sharon Williams


Calais crisis is getting worse

Calais refugees are attacked by French police and blocked by British state racism (Socialist Worker online,

9 December).

Police are beating up and harassing refugees and it is getting worse.

Hannah Biss

On Twitter

Coppers don’t care about us

Our village was without a landline phone service for a 36-hour period in December.

Elderly or frail people who have “buttons” on a cord need an active phone line to work.

I asked the local police what would happen if someone died. They were not interested.

Cheryl Partridge


Card readers to boost sales

The Big Issue is trialling giving card readers to sellers in six cities.

Socialist Worker sellers should investigate using card readers.

The cost would be greatly exceeded by the large increase in sales to people who don’t carry cash.

John Smithee


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Sun 30 Dec 2018, 17:50 GMT
Issue No. 2635
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