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LETTERS - Can we bridge left-right gap to fight the establishment?

Issue No. 2638

Can we have a Yellow Vest movement in Britain?

Can we have a Yellow Vest movement in Britain? (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Is there any thought of having an anti-austerity hi-vis protest here in Britain? I am fed up of this government and I feel it’s really needed.

I’m 22 years old and have been working in manual jobs since I was 17. The conditions and opportunities for housing, good living wages general quality of life are not what we should have.

The arseholes in charge do not care for the people that hold this country together.

I know the Yellow Vest movement has been taken over by some in right wing parties but they are workers too.

I do labouring on building sites and have had plenty of conversations with like-minded people and right wing people. Ultimately we need a change.

I hope you don’t assume all white van men that voted for Brexit are racists.

A lot of them are anti-austerity and just feel that they want more workers’ rights and more industry in this country with a fair living wage.

In France right and left wing groups are coming together to fight against austerity and the fuel taxes which affect the working and middle classes.

I feel that in this instance we should follow suit and go as one as an anti-austerity movement in our hi-vis jackets.

Even if those in your party do not agree I just thought I would get this off my chest.

I hope I haven’t come across as ignorant. But there are so many people on both sides that I am in contact with that really have had enough.

It needs to stop being a ­left/right argument because the establishment are loving it.

They will revel in their two biggest threats concentrating on each other when the current weakest target is the establishment.

Name and email address provided

Is this the best that we can get?

I notice some awful people are upset at the new Gillette razor advert.

It shows scenes of sexist behaviour by men and aggressive bullying by boys, before showing other men challenging them.

Naturally a bunch of sexists on the internet have thrown their toys out of the pram over it. So we’ve got that to laugh about.

But we shouldn’t get too carried away.

For years Gillette has sold a vision of masculinity pushed in lads’ mags and the like. Now it wants to be “woke”. I suppose it’s a sign of the #MeToo movement’s progress that a company like Gillette will co-opt its language to sell a razor.

But let’s not fall for it.

Leoni Knights, Carlisle

Fond memories of our comrade Tami Kalom

It was with great sadness I read of the recent death of Tami Kalom, a comrade who made a huge contribution to the socialist movement (Socialist Worker, 9 January).

She played a key role in supporting party bookshops around the country.

In Birmingham, where the Digbeth bookshop and printshop flourished until it was firebombed by a fascist in 1979, we found her advice and support invaluable. She combined an awesome knowledge of books and the book trade with a warmth and humour that inspired all comrades who came into contact with her.

Over the years she must have helped initiate or deepen the socialist awareness of thousands of people.

She will be sadly missed but her contribution to our movement will live on.

John Murphy, Stockport

These MPs are farcical

Parliament is a pretty unrepresentative body at the best of times, albeit some form of accountability exists in the form of electing MPs.

But Labour MPs Lisa Nandy and Stella Creasey have come up with the ingenious wheeze of a “Citizens Assembly”.

This is supposed to pass the Brexit deadlock by consulting people around the country as to what they want out of the Brexit mess.

This highly democratic body will be made up of 500 selected people who will put their conclusions to parliament who may then put it to another referendum.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

John Curtis, Ipswich

Sick of Wes Streeting

Socialist Worker favourite Wes Streeting was complaining on Twitter last week. The Labour MP was unhappy that he would have to wait until late at night to speak on May’s Brexit deal.

But, selfless trooper that he is, he managed to get his face on the telly.

One or two sycophantic MPs joined in. Although most normal people pointed out one late night is not hard work.

Streeting is mostly irrelevant. But all the same, as people get ever more disillusioned with those in parliament, it’s galling to see MPs patting themselves on the back.

Justine Hurst, Reading

Can’t support a right Brexit

I’m well up for a left wing exit of the European Union.

But this Tory Brexit is fuelled by xenophobia and misinformation and must be resisted at every turn.

Kaylee Brown, On Facebook

Let’s evict Fergus Wilson

Your report on Fergus Wilson—the landlord about to evict 300 homes—is shocking (Socialist Worker, 16 January).

How is it that one person owns 300 properties?

Anne Gascoigne, On Facebook

The local councils should just compulsorily purchase the properties and bankrupt the scumbag.

Bruce Henderson, On Facebook

Lettuce have a debate

most vegans are aware of the damaging aspects of vegan food production your article raised last week (Socialist Worker, 16 January).

But it’s impossible to tell if the ingredients have been ethically sourced.

My advice—avoid ready-made or convenience foods until retailers start to care where they buy from.

They have the power but profit will always come before ethics.

Dianne Joy, On Facebook

Your article was extremely ill informed. Animal agriculture is the single biggest contributor to climate change.

On water usage, all plant based milks require less water consumption per unit volume than dairy.

Dominic Davidson, On Facebook

I think the article was bang on. It’s about capitalism and big business getting their claws into people’s personal choices and promoting yet more unsustainable consumption.

Any farming on an industrial scale is not good for the planet.

Dino Singlesider, On Facebook

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