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The Troublemaker—The secret plot to give the queen a holiday in Scotland

Issue No. 2640

The Hebridean Princess is ready for action

The Hebridean Princess is ready for action

Panic. The queen and other senior royals will be evacuated from London in the event of riots under secret plans being drawn up by Whitehall.

Emergency proposals to rescue the royal family during the Cold War have been “repurposed” in recent weeks.

The plans, which were originally intended to be put into action in the event of a nuclear attack from the Russians, would see the queen and the Duke of Edinburgh moved out of London to a secret location.

So secret is the plan that a Cabinet Office source told papers, “These emergency evacuation plans have been in existence since the Cold War, but have now been repurposed in the event of civil disorder following a no-deal Brexit.”

Dai Davies, the former head of royal protection at Scotland Yard, said, “If there were problems in London, clearly you would remove the royal family away from those key sites. Where and how they will evacuate them is top secret and I can’t discuss it.”

He then continued to discuss it adding, “This is a measure that is extremely unlikely to come to pass. But the powers-that-be need to have contingency plans for any eventuality.”

Originally codenamed Operation Candid, plans were drawn up for the queen to be evacuated to sea on the royal yacht Britannia if the Soviet Union launched a nuclear attack.

Royal yachts are presumbly immune to nuclear fallout.

But the royal yacht was mothballed in 1997, so the plans were amended to include evacuation via the Hebridean Princess, a cruise ship that will ferry the royals around the remote Scottish islands.

So a riot seems the only way to guarantee the royals a decent Scottish ­holiday this year.

Academy is the gift that just keeps giving

Some £400,000 was wrongly paid to two consultants involved with a Multi Academy Trust (MAT), the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has found.

The Village School and Woodfield academy in Brent, west London, were set to become part of a MAT. Workers at The Village School staged several strikes against the plan.

The ESFA investigation looked into financial irregularities linked to the conversion process.

One of the consultants was Greg Foley.

He acted as Chair of Trustees, Member of the Finance Committee and Chief Financial Officer.

Hank Roberts, president of the NEU in Brent, called on the schools’ executive head Kay Charles to go.

The NEU had raised concerns about finances to governors and trustees at the two schools.

They failed to act on them. But the majority are proposed as governors and trustees of the new MAT—where they will oversee a much bigger budget.

It’s not easy being a green capitalist, honest

Tory peer John Selwyn Gummer’s private company has been paid more than £600,000 from “green” businesses that stand to make millions from his advice to ministers.

The Conservative heads the government’s Climate Change Committee.

Sancroft International has been paid by at least nine businesses and campaign groups involved in projects to cut greenhouse gases.

Engineering giant Johnson Matthey, which makes batteries for electric cars, paid Gummer’s firm nearly £300,000 over five years.

Temporis Capital—whose profits from windfarms and solar energy projects are bolstered by government subsidies—paid the company £50,000 between 2012 and 2017.

Controversial green energy producer Drax, which gets £700 million a year in government subsidies, paid Sancroft £15,500 while the Climate Change Committee was writing a report on Drax.

  • Nearly one in ten state nursery schools has shut in the past nine years. The total number is down from 428 in 2010 when the Tories took office to 394. Some 3.5 percent were in deficit before 2010—but this has now surged to 20.3 percent.

The sector’s total deficit was £594,000 in 2009-10 but is now £4.8 million.

  • As mentioned previously, prisons minister Rory Stewart said in August he would quit after 12 months if prisons had not improved.

Well in 2018 there were 325 deaths in jail—a 10 percent rise—while self-harm rose by a record 23 percent and assaults by 20 percent.

Eff orf with their heads

The Queen is advertising for a trainee butler who is capable of working at all estates and performing all royal functions. The pay is £19,935.

Which seems way too little reward for being told to “eff orf” by Prince Andrew when you draw back his bedroom curtains at noon. Or for boiling five eggs for Prince Charles to ensure the one he chooses meets his exact requirements.

Then there is ironing swastikas onto Harry’s outfits and scraping Philip off the road.

The naked hypocrite

Millionaire mockney Jamie Oliver has held meetings with bosses at McDonald’s, despite criticising the fast food chain for several years.

Oliver has had regular discussions about healthy eating with the chain’s bosses—including chief executive Paul Pomroy —but does not have a commercial relationship apparently.

Unlike oil company Shell and Tesco, which pay his bills.

Call to deflect benefits

Staff do use “deflection scripts” to push Universal Credit claimants online rather than talk to them.

The DWP last year denied the claims and documents weren’t released under Freedom of Information.

But leaked documents show staff were encouraged to “ask what the claimant is calling for at the beginning of the call as this may open up the opportunity to deflect the caller online”.

The Things They Say

‘Show us the money’

Labour MP John Mann demands government cash to back the Tories

‘God wanted Donald Trump to be president’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary

‘You are strong’

One of the messages written by Meghan Markle on bananas given to women who work as prostitutes

‘People out here struggle to eat and sleep and she gifts us some words on a piece of fruit’

One woman, Nikki, responds

‘She has the means to help us more than that. It’s offensive’

Nikki continues


Tory minister Liz Truss says women are held back because they feel ‘squeamish’ about earning lots of money

‘If you sign up you get a signed copy of my latest speech’

Michael Gove entices people to pay extra for gold membership of the Tory party

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