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Tommy Robinson and Ukip to rally this Friday - protest against them

by Tomáš Tengely-Evans
Issue No. 2647

Robinson and Ukip have mobilised thousands over Brexit before

Robinson and Ukip have mobilised over Brexit before (Pic: Socialist Worker)

Tommy Robinson and the racist Ukip party have called on their supporters to rally in London this Friday, 29 March.

They hope to capitalise on Theresa May’s crisis and the political chaos over Brexit.

A letter from Ukip leader Gerard Batten said that “Brexit betrayal is here” after the Tories and European Union (EU) agreed to delay the leave date past 29 March.

This event is a Ukip event and it is kindly sponsored by Tommy Robinson and his TR News service,” it said.

The Make Brexit Happen rally in Whitehall will be addressed by Batten, Robinson and “other prominent Brexiteers”.

Robinson hopes to get back on the front foot and Ukip want to outflank their former leader Nigel Farage, who is trying to organise around Brexit.

Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) have organised a counter-demonstration. It has been called as a mobilisation of all those who oppose Robinson, the fascists and far rightwhether they voted Remain or Leave.

A statement from SUTR said, “Tommy Robinson and Ukip are promoting a vile Islamophobic and racist agenda. They want to create a far right street movement and build support for Ukip off the backs of the Tories’ Brexit crisis.

“Robinson is a fascist with links to the racist and fascist right across Europe. He is funded by alt-right groups in the US and received personal support from Donald Trump’s former chief counsel Steve Bannon.

“Whether you voted Leave or Remain, let's not let the far right set the agenda and divide us.”

The rally comes amid rising levels of racism against Muslims, migrant and refugees that’s pushed by mainstream politicians and the media. This has fuelled the growth of fascist and far right forces.


Five mosques in Birmingham were attacked with sledgehammers in the early hours on Thursday of last week. The attacks came shortly after an Islamophobic attack near an east London mosque and a stabbing “inspired by the far right” in Surrey.

In Britain the far right have felt on the back foot since mobilising 15,000 onto the streets of London last June. Robinson and Ukip attempted to mobilise against the “Great Brexit Betrayal” in London last December, but 10,000 anti-fascists outnumbered their 5,000 supporters.

And Robinson’s attempt to mobilise on a more openly racist basis in Manchester saw a smaller number turn out3,000. He organised a screening of “Panodrama”, a film about the BBC’s “globalist” agenda that plays to antisemitic themes.

But far right or other racist forces could still benefit from the Tories’ protracted Brexit crisis. Robinson hopes to get back on the front foot and Ukip wants to outflank its former leader Nigel Farage, who is also trying to organise around Brexit.

Anti-fascists must take to the streets against Robinson.

Protest Friday 29 March, 4pm, central London. Details here

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